Friday, September 08, 2017

And Finally, After 8 Months of Waiting...The Trade Meets With Mike Brown .

This from Grant Davis, Chair of the London Taxi Drivers Club:

Yesterday's meeting with Mike Brown started with the 13k PH drivers who have been asked to re take their DBS - I asked Helen Chapman & Mike Brown to suspend them until retested, this fell on deaf ears.
I stated I had members who had suffered and if anything the PH drivers should face the same.

This was refuted.

Today on LBC the Mayor stated they had not supplied an "enhanced CRB" not good. 
Ms Chapman told us she would guarantee that every PH driver retested would pass.
Which I found extraordinary.

We complained about Compliance and the heavy handed approach.
We told them we were being unfairly treated and they needed to come back under TPH.

We spoke about the promised bus lane access... Shorter St, Byward St, Euston underpass and were told we faced opposition within Tfl from the buses.

Steve Mc spoke of Bank Junction traffic and that figures used by CoL were flawed - we also put forward a case for us to us Tottenham Court Road due to flawed figures. 
We also showed we had support from the public, retailers and that the only opposition was Camden.

We spoke about charge points ( or lack of them ) there is only 1 at present and that don't work.

Tfl are promising 75 before Xmas, but I will be very surprised if they achieve half that . 

I brought up that TfL wanted us to have a 10 yr age limit due to the electric cabs and how plentiful the infrastructure world be, total codswallop.

Thank God we got 15 from Boris.

Again, we told Tfl "you cannot make policy on promises".

Not much was mentioned about Uber relicense, or not , but that was expected.

We also debated the lack of "e- hailing" policy by Tfl and I spoke of our efforts in Brighton.

If TfL had a policy in place and they stated all apps were ASAP bookings, we would have no problems.

    Lee Ward On LBC Yesterday 



Anonymous said...

Presumably if they are getting 13k drivers tto re do CARB, then logically they fully intend to renew Uber license regardless of anything at all.

Anonymous said...

They fully intend to renew Uber license regardless of anything, hence new CARB checks on 13k.

Anonymous said...

It's not God you should be thanking for the 15 Taxi Age Limit; try looking a little closer to home!

lee ward said...

How can she guarantee all 13k drivers will pass?

Sorcery I tell ya....

Anonymous said...

We'll miss chapman next week dawns a new light and new problems for you will we see the last of Mrs chapman next week THERE MAY BE TROUBLE AHAED

Anonymous said...

Same ole bollocks different day!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In the words of that great 21st century philosopher Mike Tyson.
"Everyone's got a plan until they get a punch in the mouth"
umteen meetings ain't got us nowhere nor does it look like it's going to start.

Anonymous said...

Well lots of bollox will come out next week sir ones jumped more to follow