Friday, August 11, 2017

UCG Say COs Have No Power To Confiscate Personal Property : TfL Insist Taxi Paper In Rear Is Advertising.

After yesterday's major bus crash, questions were asked about the driver. 
We wanted to know if the bus driver was also working as a PHV driver.

Not hard to check you would think. 
But again this is TfL after all.

As John McEnroe said " You cannot be serious.

It's now become crystal clear, that TfL are positively getting involved to cover up UberRape and also protect the name of this company from any bad publicity.

If this wasn't serious, it would be comical.

So TFL believe this headline is misleading and want it removed from Taxis. Surely they should be over the moon that a frequent predator has been taken out of circulation !

To Comply....Or Not ToComply....That Is The Question:
Compliance officers are still insisting Taxi drivers remove the Taxi news paper from view and in certain cases have entered Taxis (without invitation) and (in our opinion) illegally removed the drivers property from the vehicle.

It's been alleged that officers were told by their managers to say this headline is misleading and must be removed, but as they can't come up with the legislation to back up their actions, they're now saying its a form of advertising.

Isn't it time our Taxi trade representatives challenged the dictatorial actions of these compliance officers??

At least the United Cabbies Group are up to date....

Taxi Leaks have asked TfLTPH via their Twitter account, to be shown the legislated regulation which gives a CO the power to physically remove property (a news paper) from my Taxi. In fact we've asked 65 times.

So far, @TfLTPH have ignored every tweet. 

We would take it then, that no such legislation or regulation is in place and that the COs are acting outside their authority. 

We have now been informed by the Metropolitan police that COs who enter a Taxi uninvited and remove these papers, are libel to a charge of theft from a motor vehicle. 

               Caught on Camera


TfL now believe they've found a way round the lack of legislation and a get out of jail free card, by saying that having a news paper on the parcel shelf of the Taxi constitutes advertising and contravenes the "no advertising regulation". 

Well , 24,000 Cabbies can play at that game.

I've had trade papers and other literature on the back shelf for over 44 years. It's never been a problem..... Till now.
Wonder what their problem is with this issue.

If the Taxi paper is an advert, then so are all the Trade org diaries and so are the Credit Card stickers, as are Kleenex tissue boxes. All these items could be deemed advertisements. 

Taxi Leaks now expects COs to demand the removal of all representative org literature which bears an org or union name, such as stickers and diaries. 
(Just think, no more M&S vouchers) 

Let's now see the orange diary org fight this full on for a change, on behalf of their 10,000 members...instead of taking a back seat and letting TfL walk all over us. 
And it just gets worse...
"Can you take your badge off sir, I need to examine that it's real".
You couldn't make this up, it's pure harassment and the orgs need to step up to the plate and fight for the trade they get paid to represent. 

Taxi Leaks Extra Comment:


The light at the end of the tunnel, has been switched back on...

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I can see that this news is already being buried by the media. Needs to be shared far and wide.