Saturday, August 05, 2017

TfLTPH Twitter Account, Alleged To Be No More Than A Benign, Biased Gerald Coba.

         GJ62XOC, parked on a Licence Taxi Rest Rank in Conduit Street W1

Putting aside the arrogance shown by the recipient of the TfL letter below, who feels he should be given the same status as a Taxi driver because he pays Tax and NI contributions, again we see more proof that the TfLTPH Twitter account is no more than a sham. 

Taxi drivers are frequently compromising their safety, confronting private hire drivers contravening parking regulations, which clearly state they must not park on, wait on, pick up or drop off on, a licensed Taxi rank or standing.

Drives are puzzled that it's the same vehicles breaking the regulations, night after night.

Taxi drivers regularly put themselves in danger collecting hundreds of photographs and report to the TfLTPH Twitter account. This has always been done in good faith, that after confronting angry aggressive PH drivers, recording all necessary data and sending to TfL, the matter would be dealt with, in accordance with the legislated regulations.

It now appears this is not the case and that all that happens is the offending drivers just receive an acknowledgement in the form of a very friendly reminder with a caveat pegged on the end stating:
"If there is anything I can help you with, please reply to this letter or you can phone me on .....".

This isn't good enough from our licensing authority. Our Taxi ranks should be kept clear or PHVs and we need TfL to take stronger measures as these drivers are currently taking no notice of the regulations. 

The problem has become so bad at weekends that one of our representative groups is using subscriptions from their members to finance rank marshals. This is money that should not have to be spent by the trade, this should be dealt with by TfLTPH.

Private hire drives have no need to park on Taxi ranks while waiting to pick up, the Law is actually in their favour. 

Under a ruling in the high court, Taxis and PHVs have the right to wait (for as long as it takes) for a pre booked passenger on any single or double yellow line, 'regardless of the streets restrictions'. 

However, they can't park on disabled bays, loading bays, zigzag lines or Taxi ranks. It's very clear and every PHV should be made aware of this by TfL. If they continue to carry on contravening this regulation they should face much harsher penalties. 

If this sham Twitter account carries on acting with a benign biased, we could see violence on our streets in much the same way we see from other countries facing similar problems. 

The High Court case is shown below, and has a very interesting comment in conclusion by parking expert Barry Segal. 

Taxi Leaks Comment :
The question needs to be asked;
Why do TfL come down harder on Taxis parking on working Taxi ranks, than they do on PHVs illegally using Taxi rank spaces ???


Anonymous said...

what tax does he pay? From the info we constantly get about their earnings, they don't earn enough to pay tax,or it is very little, especially when they claim tax credits, housing allowance,etc!

Anonymous said...

In response to Ali Imam's message to the trade I would like to make things clear. Firstly waiting constitutes parking. Secondly taxi ranks are not parking spots for pre-booked jobs, they are there to facilitate immediate hire. There are strict rules on ranks which taxis must abide by and tfl has come down harder on taxi drivers for abusing ranks than it has towards any other form of transport that parks on a rank.

The rules are very clear on private hire: they are a pre-booked service and not a convenient way of becoming a taxi driver overnight. Phv on a taxi rank, misleads the general public into believing that they are taxis and kills both taxi and private hire industries as 3rd party start ups splurge the legislation between two distinguised services.

If you think that taxis have an unfair advantage over private hire then you need to look at the following:
3 years full time training
2 vehicle choices
Set fairs (no surge charging)
Additional driving test
Disabled requirement test
Speak english to a higher level and
Tfl's biased attitude towards the trade.

TX1Fan said...

Paying Tax and NI does not exempt you from obeying the law. Can I speed or go shop lifting because I pay Tax and NI? It's a ridiculous argument.