Thursday, August 31, 2017

After Week Of No Comments, Palace Knife Attacker Finally Outed In Court As Uber Driver.

Last week, after the Palce knife attack, the main media failed to make any mention or connection, of the terrorist/attacker being an Uber driver. They also failed to mention he was driving a TfL registered Minicab.

But today the news has finally been posted on the BBC news web spite. 

News today that Chowdhury was in fact an Uber driver has now started to trickle through to the Nationals, which is extremely bad news for the eHail app.

So now we have both the Leytonstone slasher and now the Palace knife attacker, both confirmed working for Uber. That's along side the confirmed 48 sexual attackers and rapists.

For the past week, TfL have again protected their partners 'employee', refusing to comment on whether Mohiussunnath Choudhury was licensed as a PH driver at the time of the attack. 

Independent checks have shown that TfL had a driver registered by that name on the day after the attack.... but this licence (number 252605, expiry date, 11/04/2020) has now been removed from the TfL licence checker database.

TfL Protecting Their Partners?

TfL Compliance teams (COs) have been demanding Taxi drivers on ranks, remove copies of Taxi newspaper because -in their words- the headline is misleading to the public. 

COs at first were insisting that this headline was misleading, but when it was pointed out that this headline was in fact true and had appeared in national newspapers, they switched to insisting that it was unauthorised signage. It was then pointed out that this was not signage, just a newspaper left in the Taxi.

TfL are now pointing to an obscure notice put out in 06/2014. Which dealt with uncomplimentory signage (Totally failing London stickers) aimed at TfL failure towards the Taxi trade.

It's scandalous the way TfL bend over backwards, refusing to answer Taxi trade questions and in some cases refused Freedom of Information requests made on behalf of Taxi representative groups.

In a recent tweet, the London Cab Drivers Club pointed out they had to wait five months for TfL to reply to an email.

The man who was arrested near Buckingham Palace armed with a 4ft sword has now been formally charged with a terror offence.

Mohiussunnath Choudhury, 26, was charged by Scotland Yard following last week's car attack on police near the royal residence.

Three officers suffered minor injuries in the incident after he allegedly drove a vehicle at them just after 8.30pm on Friday and then reached for the sword.

Choudhury, from Luton, will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court later on Thursday.

He faces the charge of engaging in the preparation to commit an act or acts of terrorism on Constitution Hill.


Tx1fan said...

The question is, if he's from Luton, why didn't Luton license him? Were they unsure he was fit and proper? Did they refuse him? This shows what a sham TfL licensing is, any checks made on any licensing authorities systems should be visible to other authorities, like the insurance industry does. You know.... Share information between each other.

meatloaf said...

BBC Scotland dropped the fact that he is a UBER driver

Anonymous said...

It's in every paper today except for one, the evening standard
Now there's a surprise Gideon