Thursday, August 03, 2017

TfL Completely Ignore Policy Question....But Defends Colleague's Questionable Identity Multiple Times

TfLTPH have been refusing to answer this simple question 

@TfLTPH (19)
Could you please tell me what legislated regulation, gives a CO powers to remove property (a news paper) from my Taxi ?

I asked the question after viewing the video of the two COs harassing a Taxi driver on the Harrod's rank and finally taking away a copy of Taxi newspaper that they insisted had a misleading title.

As you can see, I've asked the question 19 times and so far not had one answer. 

And yet another question I asked just once 

Could you tell us if the Blonde CO at Harrod's is the same person who drivers for Uber
Kristina Kristinele

They have answered 14 times although I only asked once, addressed me directly 5 times.

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. 

A female uber driver by the name of Kristina Kristinele (real name Kristina Sabinskiene) made this post on the Uber forum.

Many Taxi drivers are not convinced that the answer given by TfLTPH is truthful. (Their record on truthful answers is quite dreadful)

The best thing that's come out of all this, is that we've now been told leaving this issue of the back shelf, is probably the best way of informing the public and quite legal as it transpires, TfL have no powers to remove the magazine from your vehicle.

First time ever, the trade has called on the LTDA for a reprint ­čś▒

It's thought to be so affective that provincial licence Taxi associations have asked the LTDA to supply them with copies of the issue. SouthEnd Taxis have asked for 500 copies. 

Every driver in London should now put this issue on their back shelf and let's get this message out to the public that TfL have been busy trying to cover up.


Anonymous said...

Please send some up to York!

Anonymous said...

Please reinstall taxi Newspaper supply to Edgware Taxi rank.... Please Please.

steve sholder said...

Could we have some sent up to Newcastle upon Tyne ?