Sunday, August 06, 2017

Dear TfL, When We Said Things Couldn't Get Worse, It Was A Rhetorical Question, Not A Bloody Challenge

TfL have, for the last five years, come under fire over the alleged unsavoury relationship they have with the ride-share app Uber.

This week we've seen TfL employees, in acts of censorship, openly removing news papers from Taxis. The newspaper's headlines and inside story, informing the public of an Uber Driver who was sentenced to 12 years in jail for raping a passenger after cutting away her underwear with a knife. 

The employees were telling Taxi drivers, the headline on the front page of Taxi newspaper, was "misleading". 

And it gets worse:

It has now been alleged that TfL have been purging Uber's competitors at an unprecedented rate (42 since the beginning of 2017). 

Reasons given for the revocations of operators licences in TFL's own words are:

• Company ceased trading.
• Failing a compliance inspection(s)
• Failing to meet the fit and proper person criteria.

Yet with Uber....
• Failing to provide a landline from the time of initial licence request, up till the time TfL changed to regulation to favour Uber.
• Operating knowingly from unlicensed premises in N1, which also had no planning permission from Islington council
• Having drivers operating with no insurance, some with fictitious ( in the words of TFL's Leon Daniels) on-off insurance
• An unprecedented number of road traffic accidents
• An unprecedented number of driver related passenger serious sexual assaults including rapes, which have escalated last year by 50% to one a week
• Fake medical checks, fake topographical test results and worst of all, fake DBS results...

Surely it would be fair to say Uber would snugly fit into two of the above categories for the revocation of operator license. 

We've also heard this week that while TfL have refused to meet with Taxi trade orgs over the last eight months, arrangements were put in place by TfL management to meet with Uber on a quarterly basis.

And Now The Latest Scadal To Hit The a Headlines. 
According to TfL we are no longer Taxi and Private Hire....we are now, Taxi and Uber.
This sign below seen at Marshgate Lane at 6:30 this morning 

Why are only Uber cars permitted to enter. What gives them priority over other Private Hire vehicles???

This whole situation regarding Uber's partnership with TfL needs to be investigated as soon as possible 



Anonymous said...

Uber may not have a landline but they cwrtainly make the headlines!

Chris Docherty said...

What about failure to accept bookings in London. Apparently the computers/servers through which bookings are allegedly accepted are not situated in London and have never been seen by TfL!

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that most people who read your blogs wholeheartedly agrees with everything you say. Most of us have signed petitions and gone on demonstrations and we tweet and retweet everything we think will show this toxic company in it's true light. Tell our passengers about
Some of the blame lays with the apathy in our trade, but they've always been there.
My biggest disappointment is with our trade orgs, why haven't they put out adds in the media? why haven't they handed out leaflets at train stations and outside clubs and theatres? Why haven't they jumped on this 'Taxi paper' headline reprinted the front page and walked up and down the ranks offering a copy for us to put in our back window? Tell the drivers what happened with these two COs because most drivers won't know about it. Let's face it if they get organised they can speak to a lot of drivers on ranks at the moment. Who knows they might even get a few who think it's worth joining an org again.
This is a slow time in the mainstream media, maybe we still have time to grab a headline of two.
Be lucky
The fat girl