Tuesday, August 01, 2017

TfL COs Protecting Stakeholder Partner Uber From Bad Press

TfL Compliance officers are now protecting their stakeholder partner Uber from bad press. 

Although they've no power to enter a Taxi and take anything out of the vehicle without the drivers permission, two TfL COs, harassed a Cabby on Harrod's rank, entering the vehicle and removing a copy of a Taxi paper that had been left on the shelf of the back seats.

The first CO insisted that the headline was misleading "Rapist Uber Driver a Jailed For 12 years".
The second CO said "This is not TFL's belief !".

The driver said "So you think that didn't happen?"
And the CO replied "I can't say it did or it didn't".
Well perhaps the young lady should read the Taxi...or the Daily Mail, and she may be better informed. 


What next?
Will TfL be policing the drop bins at stations and Cabby shelters removing any publication that puts their partner Uber in a bad light?
Is this not 'censorship'.

George Orwell must be up there smiling to himself 'And finally we have the thought police'

It's my belief that TfL do not have the power under law to remove any property from within the vehicle, I have been informed by other COs that in their opinion they don't. 

Taxi Leaks have this morning asked TfLTPH on their Twitter account, what regulation gives them the right to enter and remove property from a Taxi, but as yet haven't had a reply.

By close of play (5pm), we have had no reply from TfL, even after we asked three times. 

Taxi Leaks have also asked the LTDA for a statement about this incident.

They replied, both COs are plain wrong. They also say they have now complained to the head of TfL compliance re their COs lack of Knowledge and training. 

But it gets worse:

It has now been alleged on social media that the blonde CO (number 1022) is alleged to be active on an Uber drivers forum!

What type of checks if any, do TfL make to reference the impartiality of their COs. 
If this young lady is partisan towards Uber, surely this is a sackable offence.

This investigation is ongoing and we will let you know as soon as we hear.


david willis said...

Would.that not be a conflict of interest if Katrina is an active blogger on the uber forum? This literally f###ing stinks

Anonymous said...

Abuse of her position in public office. As such she has proved herself to be impartial.

Anonymous said...

They say competition is good for the consumer but it seems bad press and the truth is not.