Thursday, August 17, 2017

Taxis In Barcelona, Reported To Be Giving People Free Lifts To Safe Areas.

Spanish police say they have shot dead several suspects while carrying out an operation in response to another terrorist attack south of Barcelona.

The regional police for Catalonia said on Twitter early on Friday that officers are in Cambrils, a seaside resort town about 70 miles from Barcelona.

They called on people in the town not to go out on the streets.

Spain's public broadcaster, RTVE, is reporting that officers have killed four people and injured another.

The broadcaster said police suspected they were planning an attack in Cambrils just hours after a van swerved onto a pedestrian promenade in Barcelona, killing 13.

Spanish media saying the attack was similar to the one in Barcelona and that 6 people have been killed. 

Source : ITV News.

The whole world is grieving again, as tonight, horrific pictures fill our TV screens. Once again we are seeing unfortunate people being killed by another heinous, preplanned terrorist attack, in the Las Ramblas area in Barcelona. 

A Spanish newspaper has said the attack was definitely terrorist related, one suspect had been arrested and is in custody. In another related incident just outside the centre, its alleged another terrorist had been killed in a shootout with Catalan police. Breaking news on Sky at 8pm, say another suspect may well have been arrested!

Police have said 13 have died with over 50 seriously injured. 

Once again, we are seeing Taxi drivers, stepping up to the mark, offering the terrified holiday makers and locals  trapped in the chaos, rides to safer areas free of charge. 

Local Taxis have put signs in their Cabs saying Taxi SOS.

The London Taxi trade look towards our brother and sister Taxi drivers tonight in Barcelona. 
We salute you all.
Our thoughts and our hearts are with you.

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David Holt said...

This really is a heart warming story and also some positive news for taxi drivers. I have had first hand experience of something similar when my wife and daughter got caught up in the Manchester Arena bombing this year. The taxi drivers in Manchester where just as amazing that night by moving scared and injured people for free to safer parts of Manchester which made me so proud to be part of this industry!