Thursday, August 10, 2017

Taxi Drivers Get TfL To Admit Uber Are Acting Illegally. Blue Touch Paper Lit, Next Comes The Fireworks.

On Monday, a group of Taxi drivers from Dads Defending Daughters and also trade reps from the LCDC, met at a prearranged location just off the M25. Their mission was to drive into Brighton and make themselves available for job offers from online Taxi apps. 

The main Brighton Taxi association had been informed and agreed to join with the action. This wasn't to be a predatory take on regular Brighton licensed Taxi work, the aim was to show Uber -who have been using London licensed vehicles and London licensed drivers- are working illegally in disregard of the Hackney Carriage acts and the Private Hire act of 1998.


The procession of Taxis, paraded outside Brighton and Hove's Town Hall were drivers on London Taxi apps, switched on and made themselves available for hire.

To most drivers amazement, job offers came through... and some were accepted. 

Screen shots were then sent to TfL to seek conformation on whether any laws/regulations was being contravened. 

Then TfL TPH dropped his little bomb shell

Now perhaps TfL TPH could explain why TfL registered Ubers are allowed to wait for App work, in a high street car park in Reigate and Banstead.


First 4 Registration Numbers We Checked, All Registered With TfL, Licensed For PH Work In London!!!

Extra Comment from Dads Defending Daughters' Lenny Etheridge: 

I believe the UCG's proposed demo is a direct response to Brighton.

All this Human Rights tosh about magazines on show, is deflecting from the most significant move against TfL (and Uber) in five years!

I am of the opinion, most drivers don't understand the significance of Monday's action.

On Monday, the Dads Defending Daughters along with the LCDC, lit the blue touch paper... but the fireworks are only just about to start. 


Arnold Strange said...

It's great to see the trades militant drivers not waiting for our limp orgs to kick start themselves from the coma of hibernation they've been under.
What did happened to the million pound WAR CHEST, did they get Diane Abbot to count it.
What happened to the RMT, have they dissolved and blown away.
Will the UCG ever recover from trying to become political, what a joke that was

Won't even mention Unite, they disappeared back in 2012

Anonymous said...

This should have repercussions countrywide.

Anonymous said...

I really hope it does. We have an epidemic in Manchester and Salford. Lots of drivers from Knowsley, Bolton, Bury and further afield sit and wait for jobs in residential areas working for the scum.

Gerald said...

The Dads Defending Daughters again, up front unwilling sit on their hands.
Well done to Lenny, Danny and the dads.

Plus a big thanks to the LCDC who spear to have been disenfranchised and excluded from the engagement Vichy group.

Paul Madden said...

Great work from ALL The DDD and others involved