Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sadiq Khan, Stop Telling Us What You Can't Do And Tell Us What a You I'm Spartacus

In another bizarre week for the cab trade, the launch of what I call the Lotto electric cab (over 70K to own it after 5 years on the strap) plus the increased insurance and other running costs, as the man said on the tennis court 'you cannot be serious'!

Another lot of nonsense was the CO's at Harrods 'making themselves busy' over a headline in a trade paper, commenting on the veracity of the story and what TfL's 'beliefs' are, is the clearest case of when your in a hole stop digging, I can't find anything that casts doubt on the headline.

Anyhow enough of all that and onto the main topic. The rationale of the congestion charge was to reduce congestion (I.e. the throughput of vehicles) by dissuading non essential users, reducing pollution as well.

Over time due to calamitous policy mistakes (PH numbers, uncoordinated roadworks etc and lest we forget the empty bus epidemic) congestion and therefore pollution has rocketed.

So the answer as some see it is electric powered congestion!

Nay, nay and thrice nay Mayor Khan, the phased introduction of electric vehicles (provided both the charging grid and National grid are up to it sometime soon) is secondary as the congestion issue hasn't been dealt with.

TfL, the Mayor et al are very keen to tell us what they can't do (control PH numbers, stop Pedicabs, Cross border etc.) how about a refocus on what you can do?

1. 24/7/365 Double yellow lines in the CC zone, more disabled bays and perhaps short term permits for those attending places of worship on a Sunday as that issue has come up before.

2. Rearranging the bus routes to some kind of sanity and usage increases thereof.

3. CC charge payable by PH and the CC to operate until midnight, there is ready availability of taxis in the CC zone, you don't need another class of vehicle as all cabs take CC or cash, people don't need a smartphone and wheelchair users have full accessibility.

4. PH can only enter the CC if on the way to a prebooked job, what other reason would they need to enter, they can't ply for hire can they?

Howls of bogus protests will ensue, protectionism, monopoly etc from offshore entities and their expensively lobbied toadies.

Well in fact there isn't a monopoly, any current PH driver can become a taxi driver, any current PH operator can 'onboard' (what a shocking phrase) taxis.

TfL have a stated objective to maintain the two tier differential so that's what's being protected, every cab driver has 20k competitors we just need a level playing field.

Price is another red herring as some are supplying services below cost, even a PH driver said that picking people up from a Michelin Starred restaurant in Mayfair should attract a premium not a discount!
Property and meal pricing does, these clients won't be down the food bank if it happens and some may even feel better paying the right rate for the task.

Consumers have a choice, taxi, bus or if they must pay for someone to come into the CC in a PH.

So reduce congestion and reduce pollution Mr Mayor, without these actions the take up of ZEC cabs at any kind of meaningful level will be as slow as the bus along Oxford Street.

All this can be done tomorrow, you have the powers already, don't tell us what you can't do, tell us what when your going to do what you can? 

I'm Spartacus


Alan Wicker said...

you seem to be missing out one thing Spartacus - EVERYTHING that the mayor has done (& NOT done), since he's been at the helm & in a position to do something, has shown that, he wants us, GONE - FINISHED - EXTINCT

Alan Fisher said...

Mr Mayor, I just wanted to apologise on behalf of all we stupid taxi drivers for trusting you following your election as London Mayor. After all, just because you couldn't be bothered to attend City Hall to answer questions from the GLA on your performance, doesn't mean that you couldn't squeeze in visits to the World Athletic Championships to watch Mighty Mo win his gold medal and also a Royal box seat on Finals day at Wimbledon. That's right, we stupid drivers should get our priorities right!

Anonymous said...

If you take this enormous loan for this Chinese electric cab you're not far off debt-bonded modern slavery.

You need to go back nearly 200 years to find people working the required long hours.

Workers representatives are supposed to also consider working hours, as should a responsible, competent regulator.

Do some simple sums,just divide the 100 or so miles per day the manufacturer quotes for their projected fuel saving figure by the average London traffic speed to find TFL induced 19th century Dickensian working hours.