Thursday, August 10, 2017

Royal National Hotel Alleged To Be Offering Guests An Illegal, Unlicensed Car Service.

A London Taxi Driver picking up a Passenger at the Royal National Hotel, overheard the concierge taking a booking for their car service.

The driver spotted this list on the counter of the reception desk, giving prices from the hotel, to destinations around London. 

The price list also states, it's car service is licensed by TfL and gives a licence number. We checked the number with the TfL website licence checker and found no such licence exists. 

TfL TPH Twitter account was asked to confirm if this was a legal car service and was the Hotel in possession of a PHV operators licence or licence variation for a third party operator. 

The TfL TPH Twitter account then came back with this reply. 

We also checked out Plaza Executive Cars Ltd and found that if this company exists, it's not licence by TfL 

So there you have it.
The Hotel has no such licence which makes this car service illegal. As all journeys are taken illegally, the passengers will be in the same position as if they had been touted in the street. 

We will be expecting TfL to visit the Royal National Hotel and take action to get them to stop illegally touting customers. We would also expect a prosecution in this case where the Hotel is allowing the public to be put in danger by their concierge use of an unlicensed service .... We expect this but, but going on TfL's poor performance in the area,we won't be holding our breath. 


Chrissie1943 said...

Keep going with your exposures. The more rogue services you expose, the more likely that the case against these illegal services will make more regulation inevitable.

Tx1fan said...

So, if the Hotel isn't a satellite office, it is offering a car service for which it can expect no compensation for providing such a service. So if it is offering to be an "arranger" of such a service wouldn't we expect it to offer a range of services from a selection of suppliers, thus seems to be an exclusive offering. So would it be unreasonable to anticipate some formal of reciprocation? Maybe not even cash, but something. This maybe direct or "in kind" it can't legally be a formal activity because we know they are not licensed. So is there any form of compensation taking place? How does this sit with the bribery act 2010?

Anonymous said...

Well done Taxi Leaks, keep it up mate
Another bent hotel that TfL won't touch

Anonymous said...
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colin said...

I'm seeing Ph cars with no roundul id's & passengers in the back more often,the word must be out that London is a free for all,but dont try to do alternative bike scheme as Tfl will be on you like a ton of bricks??

steve sholder said...

Criminal charges must be forthcoming.