Friday, August 11, 2017

Plaza Executive Cars..."Taxi Service"...In Liquidation....Still Operating From Royal National Hotel?

Letter from Greenbadgejohn: 
As the race to the bottom continues to endorse illegality within the private hire systems (licensed or otherwise) 

In the case of the unlicensed car service at the Royal National Hotel, it only goes to show how low corrupted hotel concierge's will stoop to place their own well paid guests into unsafe vehicles for the devils shilling.

As hard as TFL tries to distance its self from illegal activities in reality TFL lost its moral compass the day it originally licensed Uber in London and now the fly by nights circle London with impunity licensed or not as anybody with half a brain knows that a yellow private hire disk holds not one iota of credibility as disclosed in a recent Freedom of Information Request. 

(FOI 0845-1718) 9th July 2017 Disclosed:

Legislation in London Allows licensed PHV's to be used for private purposes; They can therefore also be driven by unlicensed drivers.
It is not a regulatory requirement for vehicle owners, whether individuals or companies,to inform us when a PHV is used by a non licensed driver for private use nor do they need to request special permission to do so.

Melissa Nichols (FOI case officer)
General Council, Transport for London.

So there you have it, An extract from a recent FOI request clearly showing how unimportant a Private hire Yellow disk actually is on a private hire vehicle.

Anyone can use, borrow, or hire a private hire vehicle irrespective of their previous criminal past (as long as they hold a driving license) and TFL do not involve themselves one bit, so a central London hotel ducking and diving with illegal private hire services (unlicensed by TFL) is only apparently breaking one law..... not paying TFL a licence fee to do so!

The TFL crap continues to rise to the surface like an undigested curry... disgraceful.

Be Lucky, & keep up the good fight against this most corrupted regime.

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)

Comment From Len Martin ex chair of the UCG:

So, if the Hotel isn't a satellite office, it is offering a car service for which it can expect no compensation for providing such a service. 

So if it is offering to be an "arranger" of such a service wouldn't we expect it to offer a range of services from a selection of suppliers?
But it  seems to be an exclusive offering. 

So would it be unreasonable to anticipate some formal of reciprocation? 

Maybe not even cash, but something. This maybe direct or "in kind" it can't legally be a formal activity because we know they are not licensed. 

So is there any form of compensation taking place? 
How does this sit with the bribery act 2010?


Anonymous said...

i have seen so many blogs all are awesome but your blog is no 1 from all of them

Anonymous said...

When you sit waiting for your cab plates in NSL and watch all the minicab drivers come in and hand over their paperwork and identities to enable their yellow disc to be stuck on their car, Little did I know how they could go away and allow someone else to drive it as long as they hold a driving license, What a load of bo££ocks private hire vehicle licensing is... ££££'s is all TFL stands for.

Andrew Peters said...

The London Private Hire Act 1998 has always allowed any person who does not actually hold a TfL driver licence to drive a TfL licensed minicabs.

The Deregulation Act 2015 tried to get the applied to PH vehicles licensed under the Local Government Miscellaneous Act 1976 (outside London).

Fortunately due to common sense following pressure from Unions and other organisations this was stopped.

How this was ever applied to London is beyond a joke and should be removed...
Andrew Peters
Brighton & Hove