Friday, August 04, 2017

John Cox Resigns From The LTDA And Joins The LCDC.

Frontline trade activist John Cox, has decided he would rather resign, than attend (in his opinion) a disingenuous procedure with a predetermined outcome, delivered in a kangaroo court, made up from LTDA CoM members, 

Worryingly, John joins the ever growing list of respected front line activists, expelled from the LTDA over recent months. 

John (left) with Marc Turner (centre) and Sean Paul Day (right). Sean is also on the list of front line activists, expelled from LTDA.

John Cox resigned yesterday after first joining what he feels is a more representative trade org (LCDC).

Below is the letter sent to Steve McNamara, advising the LTDA general secretary of his immediate resignation. 

Mr. S. McNamara
General secretary

Further to the letter I received from LTDA Chairman Richard message to attend a disciplinary hearing at 10:30 AM on Friday, 18 August 2017, I write to formally terminate my membership with the Association, effective immediately.

I firmly dispute the Associations claims,  believing the truth cannot be injurious -with a expressed in a humorous or candid manner. Therefore, I am not willing to accommodate the Council of Management by attending a disingenuous procedure with a predetermined outcome. One, I might add, that reflects the relationship the Association nurtures with its members.

It is of my opinion, that the COM have regressed from its ineffectual position to what is tantamount to a liability. With that, I strongly urge you to work closely with the Real LTDA, to not do so would be against the trade's best interest.

The decision to terminate my membership is conclusive and I have cancelled my subscription accordingly. You may wish to convene a formal disciplinary in my absence, if so I request the summary fee of £295 to be paid to either Anthony Minas or Peter Walsh to represent me in their capacity as Branch Chair and Branch Secretary respectively.


John Cox

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lee ward said...

5th of July a complaint was raised

1st of August they sent you a letter

18th of August they want to talk to you

Tell you what, I am glad they were not involved in the 100 year war...or it would still be going on...