Monday, August 07, 2017

Come here, There's gets worse.... By Jim Thomas

Although TfLTPH have still refused to answer my question about which legislated regulation gives their COs the power to remove a news paper from a Taxi...

Even after being asked 35 times (so far but ongoing) ....They couldn't answer quick enough when drivers reported this sign, which has had appeared over the weekend on Marshgate Lane at the Olympic Stadium.

So we complained to TfL. 

This time, they were extremley quick to respond over the signage, (which allegedly gives the game away) at the Olympic Stadium. 

If this is not a TfL sign, then as its giving directions to an Uber rank (only Black Cabs can legally form a rank) then it should be removed as the signage is illegal....unlike the Taxi news paper headline. 

And so, back to that old chestnut :

It was reported earlier on Twitter, TfL compliance officers were taking the numbers of Taxis with the Taxi newspaper on the back window shelf. 

So I sent this complaint to TfL via their Twitter account.

It has been bought to our attention that your compliance officers are taking details of Taxis who have the Taxi news paper in their vehicle.

Under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, your officers need an authorisation document called a RIPA. 

If they don't have one, drivers have the right to take their details and report them to the police under the Act.

We await their reply. In the unlikely event that they do....we will post on Taxi Leaks alongside the breaking news that Hell has frozen over.

          Is the tide finally turning 

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