Sunday, July 30, 2017

Would You Rather Buy A Clean Diesel Taxi -As Opposed To Uncertain Technology- Or Are You Happy Being A Guinea Pig???

The result of a pole carried out by Taxi drivers on Twitter available.

It shows a large majority of drivers would rather run their current TX and Merc Vito Taxis into the ground, rather than buy expensive electric replacements which rely on uncertain technology.

It's funny that with all the screams about London's poor air quality, not one word has hit the media, about the Hybrid Buses with faulty batteries currently running around using purely diesel.

We keep being told that it's our dirty Diesel engines, the ones TfL have insisted we buy, that are needlessly killing thousands of Londoners annually.

Funny again, not one word or mention about the fact that the last time buses went on strike for a day, the air quality figures were halved. 

Again we see a public body (TfL), refusing to protect public health and safety, bending over backwards to suppress the truth about the dangers emminating from their stakeholder partner bus companys, which in fact are 'private businesses'. 

This comment from regular contributor, Greenbadgejohn

Just read Continental's Direct heat generated diesel burn off principles using a 48 volt directly supplied alternator/inverter, which effectively destroys polluting emissions to very low levels indeed by creating a circular intense heat chamber within a euro 6 diesel engine.

The Germans (yet again) are the brains behind the creation of clean technology for diesel engines (vw debacle aside). 
Rudolf Diesel was the German inventor of the engine that bears his name (although he was actually born in paris). 

It seems crazy to me why the world wants to simply throw away such a reliable creation which now is currently euro 6 and so low in emission particulates, already reduced by 88% in 6 years... and can still be lowered much further by this continental principle, why on earth we do not allow a natural electrical derived time scale transition principle to make diesel redundant on competitive means and performance levels?

TfL and the Mayor can't be trusted :
There is huge concern amongst today's diesel Taxi driver owners that the proverbial rug is going to pulled from beneath us, by way of either lowering current age limits further or introducing emission zone penalties to include them. Both would be unfair and a complete disaster for our trade which is currently freezing out many new or replacement purchases.

The New electric cab/s will not generate the interest many people think -TFL's decided to ban New diesel taxi licensing from January 1st 2018- simply because its too soon and creates complete inertia by not allowing advancement of current levels of far lower emission vehicles on our streets 'and' introducing lower emission technology being fitted to those vehicles let alone supply issues of newer electrical vehicle technology.

In the next 6-9 Months a storm is undoubtedly brewing for Diesel taxi drivers, you only have to look at the classified taxi sales papers and used taxi sales showrooms to see that, TFL need to make its next 5 year plans clear now in age related uncertainty to steady worried owners and allow them to make plans as there really are so many uncertain owners being kept in the usual.

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TX1Fan said...

I spoke to the head of the UKLPG organisation, he told me that they have a technology whereby they inject 15% LPG into a diesel engine as well as 85% diesel, the LPG "shatters" the diesel particles and creates a clean burn that reduces the diesel pollutants hugely resulting in a 96% fuel burn and that cuts emissions massively, it is a proven technique that is used across Europe and the world to improve fuel economy and emissions readings for lorries and large vehicles. He (head of UKLPG) informs me TfL rejected this solution because they didn't trust taxi drivers to use LPG, claiming they would run around with empty LPG tanks. I asked if the diesel could cut off a few miles after the LPG tank empties, he stated he had already suggested this to TfL and yes they can do this easily but TfL didn't want to know. They rejected this without even testing it.

Michael O'Hare said...

Who at TFL would even have the brain capacity to make such a decision! Those self serving civil servants are only interested in corruption

Anonymous said...

This is another sign that TfL are actively legislating Our extinction!

Another great article
The fat girl

Anonymous said...

TfL aren't just, actively legislating our extinction, they're working on every concievable front, to facilitate our demise