Sunday, July 16, 2017

Westminster Conservative Councillor Richard Holloway, Accuses LTDA Of Lying Over Machine Gun Found In Uber Car.

Westminster Conservative Councillor Richard Holloway, accused the LTDA of spreading complete and utter Lies, after their twitter post claimed that an Uber driver had appeared in Wimbledon Magistrates Court, after a Machine Gun was found along with ammunition in the boot of his Uber Car.  

Even though the story was confirmed by a link to Private Hire and Chauffeur Magazine (PHC), councillor Holloway returned that he "gets FACTS from paid journalist who operate within the law"!!! 

What could Cllr Holloway possibly mean by this statement?
Is Cllr Holloway alleging that the LTDA's man in court, or the author of the story in PHC magazine are operating outside the law?
Is he alleging that the LTDA and PHC only use unpaid reporters who only deal in lies and fake news?

I wonder if the LTDA's lawyer Charles Russell will be contacting Mr Holloway over his libellous tweet. 

Would make interesting reading in the Taxi. 

We've heard from Cllr Holloway before in regards to Uber, he hit the headlines when the conservative councillors on Westminster City Council, wrote to Boris to "insist" he downgraded Black Cab Regulations and left Uber alone.

So, no conflict of interest here then?

See previous Taxi Leaks article, click link below:

This is one of Cllr Holloway's favoured Uber Minicabs, putting the public in danger by driving through the middle of the pedestrianised Shopping Mall in Victoria, close to Westminster City Hall. 

Well done Richard, your voters must be really proud of you !


David said...

Well done for highlighting this.

I wonder how Mr Holloway would feel on the increasingly more common chance it was his wife or daughter raped in an uber?

TAXIVET said...

A true professinal driver , as you can see. Dear oh dear!!!!!!!

John Berry said...

....i bet he still believes plastic clad tower blocks are perfectly safe for human habitation too.

Alan Fisher said...

Mr Mayor

Just reading Draft Mayor's Transport Strategy consultation 2017 and couldn't help but wonder where licensed taxis were either in the text or in the picture?
There's a nice big red bus, a lovely clean tube train, lots of cyclists (none of whom appear to be wearing helmets) and walkers taking in the London summer sunshine - even a nice freshly cleaned white van! Should we then assume that the artist ran out of room to put in a taxi... or is it how many of us have described over the years - Taxis are only good for making empty promises to because we are obviously too stupid so far as you are concerned.
Otherwise, why did you not attend the recent Q/A meeting at City Hall and answer questions from the GLA? They can't keep an eye on you if Centre Court tickets at Wimbledon are more important than us, which obviously they are.
When was the last time you met with a trade organisation to answer questions (other than on who Roger Federer beat in the Final)!
We are treated like dirt by both you and Mike Brown and if I am honoured enough to get a response to this, it most certainly won't come from you because you are obviously too busy... what comes after Wimbledon???

Yours in disgust...

Alan Fisher

Alan Fisher
Former Editor
Call Sign Magazine
Dial-a-Cab House
39-47 East Road
London N1 6AH

Alan Wicker said...

imo, that's a brilliant COMMENT from Alan Fisher