Friday, July 28, 2017

The Sanctimonious Hypocrisy Of A Perfidious Public Body, As TfL Orders OBikes Off The Streets


Bad news for Singapore-based startup oBike, which have bought their dock less bike hire platform to London's streets.

Cycling czar Will Norman said that "oBikes Showed up in London without consulting anyone".

The Singapore-based firm is alleged to have used Uber's "disruptive" business model of swooping into a city, and dealing with local regulations later.

But while oBike's attempted to propel the 'bike sharing revolution' in the UK capital, not all were pleased when around 400 yellow bikes showed up on the streets.

The company has now been ordered by TfL to remove thousands of bikes from the street. Hypocracy in full action from to regulator that bent over backwards to smooth the way for Uber's disruption of the Taxi and Privat Hire industry.

TfL said they had no idea Obikes had started operating in London and were furious when they found out. 

The company from Singapore say they want to transform cycling in the capital and are disappointed  

According to Hammersmith & Fulham council, bikes were left obstructing footpaths and creating potential hazards for pedestrians throughout the borough -similar to the way Boris bikes replaced parking spaces and Taxi ranks.

The difference with oBikes, if ones in your way, you can just move it aside....unlike TFL's bikes that are fixed instationary docking stations.       

It seems that although H&F are positive about cycling in the borough, it appears they don't trust the cyclist users to use the cycles in a responsible manner. 

"We're really positive about cycling in H&F ... But these bikes appeared without any consultation at all with H&F council. 

Plus we have concerns about the way they had been placed on the streets, and protecting the health and safety of people in the borough," said the council in a statement.

“We're very much in favour of cycling,” said councillor Stephen Cowan, leader of Hammersmith & Fulham council.

“But we expect companies to properly consult with us first. This launch could have been much better thought out.”

Let's also not forget that

• No license or permits have been paid for...

• No street space has been rented for pick-up, drop-off stations...

• No contract for infrastructure has been placed with one of TFL's authorised construction partners...

So it seems TfL and H&F council are not happy about a foreign company, who allegedly don't pay tax in this country -or abide by no local regulations- have set up an operation that has challenged Boris Bikes/Santander, undercutting by using disruptive technology. 

Hypocrisy to say the least. 

oBike have agreed to temporarily remove the cycles and said it will meet with TfL and local councils to discuss ways to make the cycle scheme work.

Feryal Demirci, cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, Transport and Parks in Hackney, added that Hackney welcomes any scheme that makes it easier and cheaper for residents to cycle, but it was disappointed that oBike had not contacted the council first. 

"We want to enter into a dialogue with companies to agree the way bike share schemes should work in the same way that we do for car clubs," she said.

oBike aims to Undercut the price of Transport for London's Santander Cycles, formerly known as Boris Bikes -which are part funded by the taxpayer.

The startup company charges users a deposit of £49 with rates of 50p for a 30-minute ride.

As corporal Jones said in Dads Defending Daughters Army "They don't like it up em sir !!!"


Boris Johnson's bird said...

How can TfL ban Obikes, and yet have no jurisdiction I've rickshaw bikes ???

TX1Fan said...

Cycling czar Will Norman said that "oBikes Showed up in London without consulting anyone".

like the Pedicabs who just showed up without consulting anyone huh?