Sunday, July 30, 2017

TfL : A Prognostic Wet-nurse Sent To Protect The Devil's Child? ... Plus Rotherham Mk 2.

Letter From Sean Paul Day  

TfL is firmly to blame! 
It is our expectation that is flawed if we expect Corporations to be ethical. 

Remember also, TfL are arbitrators of the law, not enablers of a right wing agenda.

Political sycophancy is rife, but few are  hellbent on annihilating the livelihoods of 24,000 British workforce to ring-fence pension schemes invested through Black Rock 

No question, TfL is  the equivalent of the nanny who's sent to protect Damian in the Omen. 

They are also afforded statute protection which prevents them from being disbanded. 

Government facilitation goes way beyond anything that can be described as complicit. In many ways it is worse  than the corruption itself, simply because THEY DON'T HAVE TO DO IT!  

The end result will be determined by those least fragmented. Fighting the right fight is a good place to start.

Letter From Paul Coghlan 

Rotherham Mk Two

Obtained TfL internal emails show they were annoyed that the met police revealed uber rape statistics to the 'Taxi lobby'. Without first tipping them off.

Normal procedures have apparently now been resumed. This is proof and a blatant example of TFL demanding prior warning and therefore the opportunity to limit any negative PR and media attention about the lack of regulation. This manifests in only one outcome. More young woman raped every week. 

They neglected to apply due diligence in 2012 when they licensed them. 

They compounded the situation when  mayor Johnson was leaned on by No 10 some years later to "leave them alone". In 2017 instead of revoking their license they continue to pander to Uber's demands by hiding rape and sexual assault. 

This is another Rotherham, it's obscene as it is criminal and one day it will be in the public domain. Too late for the victims but lessons will be learnt.

Taxi Leaks Extra Comment:
What a week that was!

Last week, emails from FOI requests made by the Real LTDA, were leaked showing top management at TfL were embarrassed, by the results of Met police FOIs. It appeared TfL had been hiding the true facts about Private Hire sexual assaults and rapes from the public and were conspiring to manipulate future Met releases.

News finally hit the nation press: 
Uber driver sexual attacks have escalated by 50% to one a week.

TfL shouldn't be embarrassed, they should be suspended while an mediate inquiry is carried out. 

Not only did they hide the dangers to vulnerable passengers, alligations emerged that TfL top brass also knew about the fake medicals, fake topographical tests and fake DBS results, but kept quiet for months, well before the story broke in the Sun.

Helen Chapman made repeated statements to the Taxi trade and was adamant that "all private hire drivers have an enhanced DBS check". 

Recent exposures show that this in fact was a lie.

Val Shawcross was extremely vocal when on the GLA, now she's been promoted to deputy Mayor, she's suddenly lost her voice and appetite to take Uber on. 

Will all the members on the current GLA -who unanimously voted to recommend Uber shouldn't be relicensed- be given plumb jobs by the Mayor if they promise to play death and dumb?

Also last week we saw TfL exerting their authority to protect their own conflict-of-interest re oBikes.

And yet, have a look at the racks of bikes plastered all over Central London.
Virtually every one has bald tyres. 

As Paul Coghlan says above... this really is Rotherham Mk Two


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