Friday, July 14, 2017

Police Seize Uber Car After Crash In Brighton...No Insurance. Call For Operators Licence To Be Immediately Reviewed

On Friday July 14 2017 an Uber TfL minicab was involved in a collision in Brighton & Hove.

This vehicle was then seized by the police for having no insurance

Uber actively encourages not only TfL minicabs but also ph vehicles from all over the country including Leeds.. Wolverhampton... Liverpool .. Reigate to name just a few..... to work in Brighton & Hove despite promising the council that they would only use Brighton & Hove licensed vehicles and it was only by chance that this uber minicab being in a collision that it was found to be uninsured.

We hope that no party received any injuries.

The Brighton & Hove council have absolutely no control over protecting the public with Uber using vehicles not licensed by the council in the city and we call for the Uber Operators Licence to be immediately reviewed

The photographs of this incident that were taken from our Brighton & Hove Taxi Trade Forum Facebook Group were also published in the local paper:

Andrew Peters
GMB Brighton & Hove Taxi Section

No surprise, the BMW FY63OSK, was registered wth TfL in London, but was being used as a Private Hure car, working the Uber App in Brighton and Hove. 

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