Monday, July 17, 2017

Mayor/TfL Omits Licensed Taxis From The Future Of Transport In Jim Thomas

Khan, won't answer GLA questions.    Brown refuses to meet Taxi trade orgs

No Future For Taxis According To The Mayors Transport Strategy Consultation

Proof (as if we need any) posted on TfL website, that as far as the future of transport in London is concerned, the iconic Taxi cab, be it diesel or electric, does not figure in the "Mayor's Transport Strategy Consultation".

The logo above comes from the Mayor's transport strategy consultation. There is a bus, a train, a white delivery van, lots of cyclists, there is even what looks very much like an Uber Prius.....yet, one mode of transport is definitely missing from this web page published illustration.....and that's the Licensed Taxi.

So, after 360 of first class service to the public in London the truth is finally crystal.... The Mayor and TfL have a vision of London's transport future without licensed Taxis.

This is not fake news.
This is not myth or rumour.
Click on the link and go to the web page to see this logo. 

But don't just take my word for it, look through the consultation and see if you can find Taxis mentioned....we are not there!

So the Mayor/TfL's vision is a London where people travel on foot, on cycles or on London Transport.....and that's it!

Back to the page illustration:
Apparently the image below originally featured on the Mayor's Transport Strategy publication released last month, but the Mayors office/TfL have edited out the Black Cab for the consultation.

Taxi Leaks Extra Comment :
We now have an arrogant Mayor who won't answer questions from the GLA, failed to turn up for the last Mayor's Q&A session at City Hall and refuses point blank to meet with Taxi trade orgs. 

On top of this, we have the commissioner of TfL Mike Brown, who has refused to meet with Licensed Taxi trade Orgs for the past 8 months...


alan ridgley said...

Department of Transport Inquiry now😬

I'm Spartacus said...

Clearly discriminatory not just for us, but for the wheelchair user, the infirm, hard of hearing, poorly sighted etc etc.
Shameful, shameful.

Alan Wicker said...

and there's still idiots, putting their necks in a noose & buying Taxis

Anonymous said...

It's not all bad... he managed to get to Wiumbledon on Finals day!!!

Anonymous said...

when are we going to have a stop london day? we,ve been the nice guys for far too long and this is where it,s got us.

Anonymous said...

This guy has god complex never liked him may be some one should look into his past I think you might find something Jim.

Dave o' said...

if he wasn't Mayor he be a Uber driver...

Anonymous said...

TFL continually holds The Licensed taxi trade with utter contempt,so why should the mayor hold us any differently?

We and our families all have a voting choice when it comes to elected officials so we can only wait and try to remove this poor choice of mayor, but in the case of highly paid employees of tfl, they must show a level of competence, impartiality and common legal propriety, and it is those levels Mike Brown should be judged and be answerable too as he is the top of the tree.

Every taxi driver should complain to their MPs and The local authority complaints ombudsman (The Gla is a London authority which has control of TFL) and and if you live in London complain to your GLA member about all the particular points surrounding unsatisfactory behaviours of Authority employees.

Start racking up complaint statistics against people in charge just as Tfl are trying to do to us and stop the clearest dereliction of duties by highly paid employee officials or elected representatives from continuing to happen.

The Metropolitan Police Service has a specific duty on openness and honesty and whilst it took considerable time obtaining a specific freedom of information request, the eventual reply may have been selectively worded but did contain damning facts on the dangers and complete inadequacy of the licensing of Uber in the clearest way, but the elephant in the room is why this statistic is being ignored by TFL or the Mayor, and not allowing them to keep schtum is the best way to protest about what can only be described as corrupted behaviour....

Be Lucky


Fair Deal campaign said...

Khan has really got it in for anyone on 4 wheels.
He wants road pricing big time for the money.
So much for his promise not to extend the Congestion Charge.

Stop the Khangestion Charge
has a quick means of objecting,