Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Martin Lewis Allegedly Putting Public In Danger? Advising His Readers To Use Uber

Came across this post on FaceBook this afternoon, from one of our ladies on the Save Black Taxis Group. 

Michele writes:
I've recently signed up to a weekly email on money man Martin Lewis FaceBook Page. 

This was in his email this week about using Uber!

I have left comment on Martins latest FaceBook post.

Taxi Leaks Comment :
This allegation is a surprising turn of events from Martin as he has always been seen as a supporter and user of Taxis, and was in fact photographed supporting the Save Black Taxi group.

This email is also surprising because Martin is a husband and father who surely should be concerned more with public safety than sheer cheapness. 
Or this this another case as just do as I say not as I do?

Through this email, it would appear that Martin is recommending an unsafe night service whose record of passengers, seriously sexually assaulted by the driver, has escalated by 50% this year (according to a Freedom of Information request made to the Metropolitan Police)? 

Taxi Leaks' question to Martin Lewis:
Martin, would you really advise you wife, mother, sister, niece etc to use Uber to get home after reading about Uber's record of serious sexual assaults including rapes, plus their terrible driving standards seen daily on social media?

Uber's record of road traffic collisions is horrendous

Add to that the surging at peak times, also not mentioned in the email. 

What they are saying on Martin's FaceBook page:

What they are saying on Twitter:

Today's (27th July 2017) reply from MSE
To which we have replied:



colin said...

It's all about the money,go Martin now sell yer granmother?

Anonymous said...

The Ubung publicity campaign has been working at full capacity - advertising on Radio stations & newspapers - persuading corporations to adopt them as a respectable business partner-
All this in a major push to portray its dangerous US minicab app business model as the ideal consumer choice.
This is one hell of a ruthless PR machine at work.

Meanwhile the U drivers continue to treat women with contempt - drive like lunatics on dodgems & carry on acting with total disregard for any other road-users- with TfL & Mayors blessing ?