Thursday, July 13, 2017

Key Uber Employee Leaves the Embattled Tech Company In Yet Another Sex Scandal

The Uber manager who headed Susan Fowler’s department has departed

AG Gangadhar ran the engineering unit where the former female engineer — whose blog post on sexism sparked recent investigations — worked.

AG Gangadhar, was the director of the department buffeted by an allegation of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Five months ago, ex-Uber engineer Susan J. Fowler published a blog post, in which she said she had repeatedly complained about sexual harassment and discrimination at the ride-sharing company, but was ignored or punished.  

In the post, Fowler also said she had requested to transfer out of her department but, “according to my manager, his manager, and the director, my transfer was being blocked” due to undocumented performance problems. 

In reality, she claims she had a perfect performance score and there hadn’t been any complaints about her performance.

In addition, emails obtained indicate that engineers within Fowler’s department complained to higher-ups that Gangadhar and a subordinate manager were ignoring Fowler’s issues with another manager who had allegedly sexually harassed her.

“Multiple people are pissed off about this stuff being swept under the rug and not being taken more seriously that a new [lady engineer] was sexually harassed by a former manager,” read one email sent to Uber CTO Thuan Pham’s former executive assistant. That person later responded that Pham was aware of the situation and would discuss it with human resources.

That manager who Fowler claimed harassed her was fired five months after she first complained about him to human resources.

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