Saturday, July 29, 2017

Another Week And Another Scandal Rocks TfL As Taxi Trade Call For Resignations.

On Friday afternoon, the latest TfL scandal hit Twitter. This time it's even more disgusting than previous. 

Work carried out by 'the Real LTDA' group, was leaked and within minutes, plastered all over social media.

The emails allegedly show TfL were gravely embarrassed by the Uber sexual attack statistics gained from the Met police by FOI request, which appear to show information given to the trade by TfL, was as we always feared, design to defer from the true facts about the escalation of rapes and sexual assault in Uber vehicles.

Worst of all, TfL seemed to be annoyed they hadn't been given the normal anonymous tip off by the Met. 

As if this wasn't enough!!!
We heard this week, that a large number of DBS certificates sent to TfL by a third party on behalf of Uber drivers, are not worth the paper they are printed on as certain information had been left out or changed. 

This comes on the back of fake topographical test results and fake medical certificates (both scandals featured in the national press which appeared to have been swiftly swept under the carpet).

Again it would appear that TfL opted for a third party authorised partner (Onfido) to handle Uber's DBS checks, much in the same way they allowed only authorised partners credit card equipment and dash cams in Taxis.

TfL say they no longer accept checks made by Uber's preferred company Onfido, as they are not satisfied all details are being passed on.

I've also been informed there is much more to come, in respect of sexual assaults on passengers of Uber cars, whose journey begins in London but actually finish outside the Met.
These attacks do not show up on the Met stats. 

New FOI requests are showing victims of sexual attacks are not specifically limited to vulnerable females. Its alleged that male passengers and children have also been abused and raped.

Taxi Leaks Extra Comment by I'm Spatacus
I won't revisit how long I and some others have been calling for a proper public enquiry, not some toothless report from the GLA (remember your words Val?)

Has Uber got TfL and it seems the government in such a vice like grip that no one and nothing will be allowed to get in the way of the sweatshop and wholesale destruction of a great and proud service?

To any reasoned observer this would seem to so. 
Will Wes Streeting, Khan or Shawcrosd speak out on this?

For those deluded into thinking the unlikely prospect of TfL not licensing Uber will make any difference, I suggest you take a trip to Brighton, Stansted or York etc. 

The drivers will just licence elsewhere (some authorities don't even ask for a DBS, just a driving licence & £££) and come into town leaving 250 CO's to check how long our lanyards are to justify their pay checks, as they have no powers over out of towners.

No one listened to the editor or yours truly 4 years back and couldn't or wouldn't join together to act before it's too late.

It's too late, it isn't Dunkirk, there won't be the little ships to rescue us, it's the Alamo and that doesn't end well.

Be lucky! 


Dads Defending Daughters said...

Another great Taxi Leaks piece.
This latest revelation, in a long line of damning reports on TfL, literally made me feel sick.
The Mayor of London must insist upon an enquiry and heads should roll.
Does anyone in authority care about children and the vunerable anymore?
Rotherham, Rochdale, Uber, care homes, etc. Are those that need help the most, not worthy of protection? Has money completely blinded the mainstream media and the judicial process?
Shame on TfL.
Shame on Uber.
Shame on Jo Bertram, who covered up for Uber.
Shame on Mayors Johnson and Khan.
Shame on the Metropoitan Police 'Service'.
Shame on TfL's asset in the Met, who tips them off.
Shame upon every Uber lobbyist.
Shame up Sajid David, who insisted Mayor Johnson should leave Uber alone.
Shame on David Cameron who told Mayor Johnson, to leave Uber alone.
Shame on George Osborne who openly lobbied for Uber.
Shame on every MP who knowingly sat on their hands and did nothing.
Shame on those who stood idly by and did nothing.
So much shame, so many bought and paid for people, who could have stopped this outrageous happening.
Those who fought for the truth, will always think 'Could we have done more?' I know I will.

The Fat Girl said...

When was the last time anyone fell on their sword?
tfl are morally bankrupt!

Jim Thomas said...

We questioned that while Taxi driver were waiting, sometimes up to 6months for licence renews, over 700 new PH licenses were being issued weekly.
We were assured by Helen Chapman that all PH drivers were subject to the same enhanced DBS checks as Taxi drivers.
She made this statement on multiple occasions.

Now we find she was in fact lying
Chapman should resign immediately

Anonymous said...

SHAME on all of those who've invested in uber

Anonymous said...

I too heap shame on TFL and the Mayor and feel they are so pinned in with the situation surrounding Uber and all it stands for.

My Bill came up for renewal and I complied with the 4 month advance time frames to necessitate any problems, They took my money almost immediately and yet my bill still ran out (Ive had no offences of any kind) and I was still forced to travel to the rear entrance of tfl and pay a further £13 for a 2 weekly temporary licence which also ran out before they finally issued my renewed bill.

I think I will leave it to a dictionary to describe those who run and govern tfl and more importantly those who govern Tfl from outside and within with the clearest anti Taxi biased agenda in two words.

1, 'Overzealous' (Adj) marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea, Synonyms: Rabid.(Against Taxi drivers)

2, 'Corrupt' (Adj) Having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.

Synonyms: Dishonest, Dishonourable, Unscrupulous, unprincipled, amoral, untrustworthy, underhand, deceitful, double-dealing, disreputable, discreditable, shameful, scandalous.

Verb: (1) Cause to become morally depraved
(2) Change or debase by making errors or unintentional alterations.
Synonyms: Alter, Falsify, Manipulate, Doctor, Distort.

I have every confidence TFL will be one day brought to book for their astonishing misjudgements on matters the are diligently empowered to harness and control within current laws, and the fact that financial intransigence is the embodiment of their uber deliberations is a matter for continued scrutiny and civil disobedience as heads will ultimately have to roll.

Keep up the fight.

be lucky,

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)

Anonymous said...

It's great to have the comments back Jim 👍