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Uber Encouraged Drivers To Break The Law : Question To TfL, Uber Fit and Proper Operator ???


Two Private Hire Drivers Prosecuted after trying an Uber Incentive Scheme

TWO private hire drivers who tried to take advantage of an Uber incentive encouraging drivers to operate in Reading have been prosecuted for illegally plying for hire.
Bruno Cardoso, of Portlock Road, Maidenhead and Abrar Hussain, of Cannon Gate, Slough, were fined a total of £475 and ordered to pay costs of £700 after admitting to licensing offences at Reading Magistrates Court on Friday 26th May 2017.

Both drivers are licensed by Transport for London and worked for private hire operator Uber when they responded to the company’s incentive scheme called the ‘Reading Reward Zone’.

The initiative guaranteed that the first 150 drivers to log on in the Reading Reward Zone would be guaranteed between £15 and £25 per hour, depending on which hours they worked.

This encouraged Uber drivers to ply for hire in Reading where the company was refused a Private Hire Operators licence in March 2016.

Mr Cardoso, 35, admitted plying for hire in Garrard Street, in Reading Town Centre, on 27th October 2016. He was fined £155 and ordered to pay costs of £200.

Mr Hussain, 38, admitted four offences of plying for hire; twice in Valpy Street on 27th October 2016, and once in Valpy Street and once in Victoria Street, off King’s Road, on 28th October 2016. He was fined £80 for each offence and ordered to pay costs of £500.

Councillor Sarah Hacker, Reading’s Lead Member for Consumer Services, said: “I would like to congratulate the Council’s Licensing and Legal teams for these successful prosecutions.

“The licensing regulations for taxi and private hire operators and drivers are there to protect the public and it is absolutely right that action is taken against those who flout the rules.

“I hope these prosecutions send a loud and clear message to private hire drivers and operators licensed outside of Reading that they cannot come into town and operate illegally.”

JJS Champeau 
Reading Borough Council Licensing

It is understood that this relates to TfL minicabs who are loitering in areas with the intent to ply for hire on the Uber app.

This is the first of two prosecutions of up to 15 impending prosecutions.

At the moment it is understood that it is irrelevant as to whether this occurs in any area whether Uber holds an Operators licence or not.

Thanks to Sean Ridley of Unite for the information

This isn't the first time Uber has encouraged TfL registered drivers to work illegally, it's an ongoing problem. 
Surely it's time the company was prosecuted, not just the drivers.


News from Unite's Sean Ridley, that Uber have withdrawn from applying for an Operator's Licence in Bournemouth...

We are aware that the council have been supplied with extensive information about the activities of the working practices of Uber Britannia Ltd.

Question to Transport for London:

As the law is the law, if it's illegal for Uber to ply for hire in Reading, it's also illegal for them to ply for hire in Southend, Medway, Bristol etc 
So what are you doing about this?

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