Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Real Election, The Real LTDA.

London Taxi Radio's Sean Paul Day, meets members of the Real LTDA, as they prepare for the 2017 Branch elections.

Paddy O'Dowed's message to the LTDA members:
As you may be aware, there is the LTDA Branch Election on Wednesday 14th June at Woburn House, Tavistock Sq at 7pm. 

It is extremely important that the Real LTDA candidates Antony Minas & Peter Walsh win this election and are able to break the cartel who have sat back and allowed the trade to be brought to its knees. We need to be accountable, transparent, formidable and dynamic. We need foresight and strength. We need to reconnect with what's important and be robust in our defence against those who would see us gone. We need this, and deserve this, within the LTDA. 

What I'm asking you to do is support the Real LTDA candidates in this election if you're an LTDA member or even if you're not. It's important you get behind us & help support this! 

Please retweet any tweets from Real LTDA members that refer to attending the election and if you know any LTDA members tell them that have to attend this election. Every single vote we get is very important & counts,  as we all know what happened at last years Harlesden debacle! 

One last thing I would like to ask you to do to help raise the profile of the Real LTDA during the election period is to get everyone to change their Twitter Avatar to the logo of the Real LTDA to support us. This includes non LTDA members also, as a show of support and unity from us all is extremely important. 

Please remember, the members of the Real LTDA are REAL working cabbies like yourselves and many are members of the MM, DDD & ITA so please get behind them for the next couple of weeks and help them win this for everyones sake! 

Thanks for your help!

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