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Never in the field of corruption was so much taken from so many by so Dave Davies

#Ubergate #Chumocracy Complaint to Serious Fraud Office

A formal complaint of corruption has been filed against George Osborne, David Cameron, Boris Johnson , Theresa May and Transport for London with the Serious Fraud Office.(see email below)

There is clear evidence that there have been serious breaches of Public Law by the Prime Minister, Chancellor, Home Secretary, Mayor of London and Directors of Transport for London.

Thousands of Taxi Drivers wrote to their MPs and some of those MPs wrote to Theresa May calling for an urgent Public Inquiry to investigate the allegations of corruption.

Theresa May ignored these requests and instead called a snap General election, perhaps in the hope that the exposure of the corruption would go away.


It seems that the Media are reluctant to report the #Ubergate #Chumocracy corruption and Politicians have also ignored it


It may be a good idea if reporters and prospective MPs were sent emails or tweets with a link to this article and asked why they have chosen to ignore it at such an important time?


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This is the Complaint to Serious Fraud Office


From: Dave Davies [
Sent: 25 May 2017 12:37
To: ''
Subject: complaint REF xxxxx


I have filed a complaint ref xxxx and would like to add the further information below to it

Regards Dave Davies


I would like to add further information to the complaint of corruption in relation to David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson, Transport for London and Theresa May.



The utter corruption of Cameron and Osborne should be fully investigated BEFORE the election as it demonstrates how improper and corrupt the Tory Government has been.

The corruption of Boris Johnson and Transport for London has not been investigated  at all and is extremely relevant to the election

I have sent you some information about some of the many unreported aspects which include the manipulation of search results by Google to hide the Mail articles exposing Cameron and Osborne (after Google received tax breaks for Osborne) and the reports of Google’s interference in other elections.

The extensive info about Cameron’s and Osborne’s payments which have not been reported by the Mail.

There is also extensive information about Boris Johnson and TFLs corrupt policies; TFL invested £3.8 billion of its pension fund in Blackrock who then invested in Uber at the same time that TFL allowed Uber an Operator’s license even they the operate unlawfully and issued tens of thousands of Licenses without any checks.



        David Cameron and George Osborne acted unlawfully by using their positions as Prime Minister and Chancellor to influence the actions of Boris Johnson and TFL who have also acted unlawfully in allowing Uber to be licensed in London even though they did not meet the legal requirements as a Private Hire Operator. 

        TFL have issued tens of thousands of Licenses to Uber drivers without any proper checks or compliance with regulations.

        TFL have invested £3.8 billion of their pension fund with Blackrock who in turn invested in Uber. Blackrock  also invested in WorldPay , a company which has benefited from TFLs compulsory requirement for Taxis to take Credit Card payments at the same time as approving WorldPay as an approved supplier for the compulsory scheme.


        David Cameron and George Osborne implemented policies which have benefited Uber , Google, Banks and Pension Fund Investment Companies

        David Cameron and George Osborne have now benefited from their improper actions by financial reward for speaking engagements and advisory roles which have paid them tens of thousands of pounds for an hour or two’s work which is clearly disproportionate and for improper purpose

        These engagements have been improperly declared with ACOBA. Applications to ACOBA were made in the name of the Washington Speakers Burea, who merely acted as a booking agent, to avoid the obvious conflict of interest which existed, which was that those making  direct payments for these engagements had clearly benefited from the improper and unlawful actions of David Cameron and George Osborne.

        Theresa Mays husband Phillip May has a senior role in Capital Group, a company which has benefited from the improper actions of David Cameron and George Osborne.

        Capital Group owns shares in Paypal (used for Uber transactions)

        Capital Group has a significant share holding in JP Morgan who paid Osborne £120k for 2 speeches.

        JP Morgan were the bank who brokered the Saudi Investment Fund £5 BILLION investment in Uber 

        David Cameron was paid £100k for a two hour speaking engagement by Morgan Stanley who were the lead investors in Uber

        Theresa May has ignored the corrupt actions of David Cameron and George Osborne  in her role as Home Secretary for 6 years and in her role as Prime Minister. 

        Nearly 6000 Taxi Drivers have written to their MPs calling for the corruption to be investigated, and many of these MPs wrote to the Prime Minister calling for an urgent Public Inquiry to investigate the corruption and these numerous letters and requests have been ignored by Theresa May



These are serious conflicts of interest and evidence of breaches in Public Law which should be fully investigated


The Google interference (which is detailed below) is extremely important in relation to the election because  it could have a significant affect if the full extent of the corruption is not exposed!


There is evidence that the previous election and the EU referendum was improperly influenced by Google in return for favours by Cameron and Osborne, and serious questions are being  raised about past, present and future improper influence.

Please see the info below about the previous Google influence in the 2015 election and the EU referendum.

They are now burying the search results about the Cameron/Osborne corruption which would be damaging to the Tory election campaign if reported.


I have emailed Robert Epstein who is a world leading expert about the Google search algorithms; he spent 5 years researching how they work.

He has confirmed that Google manipulate search results and have done so previously during elections.


Listen to Dave Davies on London Taxi Radio:

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