Sunday, June 04, 2017

Hero Taxi Driver Reveals How He Tried To Knock Down 3 Men Armed With 12-inch Knives As They Went On A Stabbing Rampage.

A London Taxi driver revealed how he tried to knock down three men armed with 12-inch hunting knives who had reportedly stabbed pedestrians after mowing down people with a white van on London Bridge.

Witnesses said that men with large knives jumped out of the van when it crashed outside the Barrow Boy and Banker pub running off in the direction of Borough Market.

Reports came in of 'rapid gunfire' from the direction of Borough Market, with  BBC News reporting 6 people dead, and many people injured.

As the horror unfolded, a Taxi driver said he saw the men brandishing 'long blades' stabbing 'randomly' on Borough High Street. He spun his Taxi round and attempted to halt the terror by running them over, but they side stepped and disappeared down the steps in the direction of Borough Market  

Speaking to LBC, he said: 'I thought to myself, "I'm gonna try and hit them, I'm gonna try and mow them down".

'I spun the cab round, I was about to ram one of them, but they side-stepped and three police officers came running towards them with their batons drawn.

'I was shouting at everybody, just get away from the area, stay back, just run the other way. There were a good few hundred people out there.' 

Another taxi driver named only as Paul said: 'I was just going over London Bridge and on the left hand side it looked like someone had been knocked off a bike.

'A few yards on I saw another person laying down and a woman screaming.

'A few yards on from that there was a couple of bodies on the right hand side.' 

Again we had reports that the London Taxi Trade had come forward again, to take people away to safer areas, with many cabbies taking passengers all the way home free of charge. Many drivers were making their way back to repeat the free service. 

     Taken from a Facebook group. 


Londoners, on hearing the news took to social media, offering people trapped in the area accomadation for the night. 

The Royal Oak Pub in Tabard street took in many stranded passengers with children as London Bridge and Borough stations closed trapping people in the area. 

                Meanwhile, Uber were surging again. 

Breaking news at 01:50. 
Reports of a number of  explosions close together have been reported. These were said to have been controlled explosions on suspect bags which had been dropped. 

Pictures have circulated earlier of a body lying on the ground wearing what looked like a suicide vest. In the background you can see another of the attackers lying dead on the floor.

Police say that 6 people have died in the attack. I
n addition, the three attaches were all shot dead by police within 8 minutes of the initial call, which was recorded at 10:08pm. 
So that means all the attackers were shot dead by 10:16pm.
Each attacker was alleged to be wearing suicide jackets, but police have confirmed the jackets were fake. 

London Ambulance service say that 30 people have been taken to 6 hospitals around the area. One of the injured is said to be a British Transport Police officer who was stabbed trying to apprehend one of the attackers. 

It's been alleged that one of last nights attackers worked for TfL, but we don't know yet in what capacity.



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