Friday, June 16, 2017


This morning, Grime artist Saskilla told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme that he had been told personally by one of the firefighters at Grenfell Tower that around two hundred bodies had already been identified at the scene of the terrifying blaze. 
The presenter attempted to pour water on the figure, but the musician insisted it was what he was told in person by the firefighter.
Last night, music star Lily Allen was pulled from an appearance on the BBC’s Newsnightafter making similar comments and accusing the government of trying to ‘micromanage people’s grieving’:
Ms Allen was pilloried in the media. The confirmed death toll has increased incrementally since the fire and today rose to thirty.
At the same time, multiple sources told the SKWAWKBOX that the government has placed a ‘D-notice’ (now properly named a ‘DSMA-notice’ and sometimes called a ‘DA Notice’) on the real number of deaths in the blaze:
In effect, although voluntary, this amounts to a gag on the mainstream media – and note that it is applied for for reasons of national security only.
The SKWAWKBOX telephoned the Home Office press office to ask directly whether this was true. To say that the question caused consternation at the other end of the line would not be an overstatement.
The first comment, in a voice that rose at least half an octave, was ‘Where did you get that information?‘, followed by a request for the question by email, even though the SKWAWKBOX editor emphasised that ‘Have you issued a D-notice’ is a verystraightforward, ‘yes/no’ question.
The question has been submitted by email but no response has been provided yet, in spite of a repeat call to the Home Office to advise that publication was imminent.
Since the first call, further people have contacted this blog with the same assertion. The Home Office’s official response will be published if/when one is received.
Reports have also been received about intimidation of locals to prevent disclosure or speculation about the true known death toll.
If it is true that the government has issued a D-notice – and every instinct is screaming that it is – then the government has placed a national security gag on mainstream news editors to prevent them from disclosing what’s already known about the number of lives lost at Grenfell Tower.
This raises a huge question: WHY?.

Is there a national security aspect to this information that has not yet been hinted at?
Or is the Tory government inflating its own party interests into a national security issue in order to control the flow of information that will damage the Tory government and party, allowing it to ‘drip-feed’ a slow increase in the number of confirmed deaths in order to manage public outrage?
Source: Watch Saskilla's interview click link

 All parties had a hand in this.

Extra Comment from Steve Kenton:
This is very simple maths......If you have 24 floors with 120, 1 and 2 bedroom flats.....if 2 persons occupy 1 single bedroom unit on average but not exclusively (allowing for sofa surfers) then that becomes 240 people.
Add another 2 per 2 bed unit (on average then), you are now looking at just over 400 people potentially. 
Given that it happened at 1 am that figure won't be much lower due to people sleeping. 
Add the dead and injured to those already out and take that away from around 400 and there's your true figure.....right now there are 30 dead,  76 injured and 75 missing.......
Where are the rest, because that building had way more than 181 people residing in it.
Taxi Leaks Extra :
Someone finally stood up and said what everyone's thinking !
Click this link 

This afternoon survivers, family and friends of victims marched from Grenfell Tower to Kensington Town Hall, to demand action from the council. 
Protesters were angry that 3 days on from the tragedy, council officers have not made adequate public commitments to help the residents. They are also angry, not one council employee has offered help to the army of volunteers, for the distribution of supplies that have been freely donated by the public. 
This protester said someone needs to go to jail this is corporate manslaughter.
The Grenfell protesters were joined by residents of other tower blocks in the borough who are now worried about their safety.
Theresa May made a surprise visit back to the area tonight but was hurried away by security after the residents turned on her shouting "Coward". 
Also whisked away, was London Mayor Sadiq Khan, when bottles were thrown at him by an angry crowd.