Monday, June 05, 2017

First Barclays Partner Uber, Then Tesco, And Now Westfield .... By Jim Thomas

Please scroll to the bottom to see the breaking news about Westfield. Apparently, no one likes bad publicity.

On top of the recent news this week, that Tesco Card at partnering with Uber, local councils are now advertising Uber promotional codes on emails to residents. Plus we now find there is now a concerted effort being made in local and national news agencies to discredit the Taxi trade in anyway shape or form. 

News stories are being manipulated to make it look like Hackney Taxis are responsible for incidents ranging from indiscretions to heinous crimes. But the truth is, they are being committed by private hire and in particular Uber drivers.

Confusing advertorials are also being placed in the media giving out mixed messages, calling Uber cars, Uber Taxis.

The BBC answer emails from Taxi drivers complaining that the word Taxi is being used to describe minicab drivers, by saying that the word Taxi is -in their opinion- a generic term used to describe both Taxis and Licensed Private Hire. Mind you, director general James Harding is George Osbourne's best friend (speaks volumes).

Over the last few weeks more and more stories have appeared in local press publications, with headlines:
 • Taxi driver refuses wheelchair
 • Taxi driver refuses guide dog 
 • Taxi driver rapes passenger
 • Taxis are taken off the road considered unfit
 • Taxis driven with no insurance 
 • Taxi driver defecates in residential street
 • The list is endless. 

All these stories appear on Google search when using the key word Taxi. Lasted one this morning was in the Bath Chronicle which advised its readers....should you be out and about tonight in town, Taxis are going to be very busy so make sure you book your Uber now for later. 
The fact that you can't pre book an Uber wasn't mentioned. 

The reason behind this fake news campaign is to dilute the negative PR that Uber gets every day in the run up to their new licence renewal date. 

Also complicit in the advancement of the demise of the Taxi trade are the directors and managers of Transport for London, who have put the protection and safety of the public to one side while they bent rules, changed regulations and greased the passage for Uber to operate. 
Directors Leon Daniels lied to the London Assembly over the on/off insurance which never existed, and the customer pre-booking landline that turned out to be Jo Bertram's private number.
Let's also not forget TfL defended Uber in the meter case.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse...we hear of Westfield Partnering Uber and offering them a dedicated "Pick Up Point"

A few years ago, the trade used to be up in arms if a minicab driver was referred to as a Taxi driver or even a Cabby. Now the silence from those who purport to represent us is deafening. 

You don't have to be Einstein to realise  
Our trade is in danger of being killed off.
Not by those who seek to do evil against us!
But by those who look on and do nothing.

Credit where credits due.
The RMT decided not to look on and do nothing.

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