Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Don't Think For One Moment ... TfL Won't Relicense Uber London Limited.

When Ubers London licence expired at the end of last month, the trade waited with baited breath to see if a subsequent licence would be issued in light of all the complaints.

• Customer rapes, 
• customer serious sexual assaults, 
• customer physically attacked by drivers, 
• driver not having insurance, 
• massive rise in traffic accidents, 
• drivers reported driving the wrong way on one way streets, 
• customer accounts hacked, 
• uber spying on enforcement using GreyBall, 
• tracking celebrities even after they'd left the vehicle, 
• operating from unlicensed premises in N1 (instant revocation with all other operators), 
• fake topographical test's, 
• fake medicals. 
The list really does seem endless

Literally many thousands of complaints that would have prevented any other Private Hire operator from being relicensed.

Let's also not forget that this company did not fully comply with regulations when initially licensed, (no landline, unable to take pre-bookings, no customer service number, etc) director or TfL Leon Daniels was caught out lying to a transport committee of the GLA...Twice.
This is malfeasance, make no mistake!

Nice words but will the RMT back up their words with action?

While commission Mike Brown said -at the last cabbies cabinet- "I want to go on record saying that Uber's licensing had nothing to do with me", Peter Blake then took it upon himself (without statutory legislation being in place) to change the regulations to make Uber look compliant.

Just before Uber's present licence expired, we found out (not from our own representative orgs or unions but from the GMB), Uber had been granted a 4 month extension. 

Many drivers who had applied for licence renewals were told that they couldn't work until new licence was in their possession and that TfL couldn't legal extend their expired licence. Driver in some cases were off work for months, waiting for their licence to be renewed, and yet Uber get an extension days before their expiry. 

Uber's Extension: 
Nothing to do with being fit for purpose, no investigation is taking place, this extension is about one thing and one thing only ... MONEY....follow the money!

TfL want to bring in a new pricing structure for private hire, where an operator has to pay based on the size of its fleet.... Apparently with TfL size does matter.

Uber's relicense today would cost £3,000
In 4 months time Uber's relicense will cost them over £2m. That's why this extension is place, no other reason.  Money money's a rich mans world. 

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