Thursday, June 01, 2017

Senior Data Journalist Doesn't Appear To Know The Difference Between Taxis and Private Hire... By Jim Thomas

Misleading articles have appeared in newspapers in London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Birmingham, Manchester, Devon, Bolton, Stockport Rochdale and even Wales. 


Headlines shouting about thousands of dangerous drivers, rapists, paedophiles and even murderers who are apparently queuing up to apply to be "Taxi Drivers".... have appeared in different local papers covering the whole of the U.K. over the last few weeks. 

But there seems to be one common denominator in the articles above, Claire Miller...senior data journalist at Trinity Mirror.

Funny though, not one story about the thousands of applicants with criminal records queuing up to be Minicab drivers....strange that!!! 

As Claire and most of here peers seem unable to recognise the difference between Taxis and Minicab PHVs, we've sent her this easy to follow guide.

The only true news within the stories is that the DBS service have and will sometime weed out applicants with criminal records when conducting enhanced criminal record checks. 

And yet the Government seem set on deregulating the Taxi and Private hire trades. 
Unfortunately at present, there is a loophole in the DBS system in that applicants coming here from unfriendly areas are accepted as having no criminal record if they produce a letter of good conduct (available on the net for around £25). 

TfL know about this loophole, but still accept these letters purchased in this manner. 

It's also clear that the local and national press have no idea that there is currently a two tiered system with Taxis and Private Hire trades, plus these news sheets made no reference to the FOI request carried out by the London Taxi trade that showed 154 serious sexual assaults were carried out by Private Hire drivers in the year Feb 2015-Feb 2016. 

It's not just local papers that can't tell the difference between Taxis and Minicabs, national news agencies and TV news channels also appear to have a blind spot. So we've produced this very simple guide.

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