Saturday, May 06, 2017

Why Didn't The Mail Print The Whole Story ? ... Part 1

Why didn't the Mail print the whole story and go after the Directors and former the Directors of TfL, who have allowed a company that was not fit for purpose to be Licensed?

Let's not forget that as Mayor, Boris was the head of TfL.

In an article written by James Titcomb, and published in the Telegraph back in October 2015, Mayor Boris Johnson openly admits Uber drivers are breaking the law. 

Why didn't TfL revoke the operators licence immediately?

Boris Johnson has claimed that Uber drivers are breaking the law “in lots of minor ways”, to the extent that London’s authorities are unable to keep up. 

The Mayor of London said the minicab app’s drivers are consistently violating laws on loitering and plying for hire, as well as being responsible for “aggravating” the level of traffic in the capital. 

Boris said this in the article and sat back and did nothing.

TfL knew Boris had said this....and then as regulator, sat back and did nothing. 

In a game of smoke and mirrors, TfL held a consultation and announced they were going to introduce 25 tougher regulations. 

At a glance, the regulations that TfL dropped. 

To this day TfL have done virtually nothing other than relaxed regulations to make it easier for uber to operate. 

We've now been informed by the GMB that Ubers relicensing is already a done deal.

Read the whole article published in the Telegraph back in Oct 2015 by clicking below :

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