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Why Didn't The Mail Print The Whole Story ? ... Part 2 Letter From Dave Davies.

Many drivers have contacted Taxi Leaks enquiring about Dave Davies. 

Below is a Letter from Dave and I think it explains comprehensively who Dave is. It's a long letter, but then, Dave has done quite a bit to expose TfL's inadequacies and corruption.


I noticed your article about Air Pollution.

I have campaigned since 2008 trying to expose TFL corruption. 

In 2008 I conducted a High Court Judicial review against TFL. The Judge, who had previously worked for TFL, ignored the evidence and contradicted a previous High Court ruling in a case brought by the LCDC against TFL, and ruled in their favour.


A further Judicial Review was filed in 2009/10 and guess what ; the same Judge who had worked for TFL was appointed to the case and ruled in TFLs favour


In October 2010 I met with my local MP who happened to be the Secretary of State for Climate Change. He was appalled at the actions of Boris Johnson and TFL . He wrote to Boris Johnson and met with him but this was met with continual lies and denials. My Local MPs have written to the Mayor since 2008 and for many years after and none achieved anything.


Throughout 2010 (and for several years after) London Assembly Members Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson both asked oral and written questions about Taxi Emissions and the London Taxi Age Limit , asking Boris Johnson why he had conducted no proper testing and later in 2013 asking why he had ignored the evidence of the Kings College Defra report which showed that the new Taxis were MORE polluting than those being scrapped. Every time Boris Johnson answered with his usual waffle and lies.


In 2011 Boris Johnson submitted written Evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee who were conducting an Inquiry into Air Pollution. In that evidence Boris Johnson stated he had been given technical evidence from Kings College London which proved that the Euro emissions standards had failed. He said that for example ‘a new Euro 5 vehicle creates 5 times as much NO2 as a 15 year old vehicle’


In 2011/12 I helped to set up Cabbies Against Boris tried to expose the corrupt and improper Taxi Age Limit. We met with Isabel Dedring , Deputy Mayor, who acknowledged the technical evidence that I provided which proved that scrapping Taxis would not improve air pollution, but she decided to ignore that evidence.


In January 2012 Boris Johnson and TFL introduced the London Taxi Age Limit falsely claiming that it would reduce air pollution and contradicting his own written evidence to the EAC that the new taxis were MORE polluting.


In 2012 all of the Mayoral candidates , except Johnson , supported the call for a Public Inquiry into TFL’s failed Air Quality strategies.

I challenged Boris Johnson during the live Sky News and ITV Mayoral debates calling for a Public Inquiry into TFL, but he just laughed it off and was re-elected.

In both debates the other candidates acknowledged that TFL acted improperly and should be investigated

Further Cabbies Against Boris protest continued throughout 2012 


In 2012 The Environmental Research Group at Kings College London were commissioned by Defra to carry out roadside emissions testing of diesel vehicles. Approximately 100,000 vehicles were tested, which included 10,000 London Taxis. 

The results published by Defra in 2013 again confirmed  that the new Euro 5 Taxis created MORE pollution than the older 15 year old taxis that were being scrapped.


In April 2013 I asked the Deputy Prime Minister , Nick Clegg Live on LBC about the failed Air Quality Strategies in London, which included the improper and unlawful London Taxi Age Limit. I wrote to Nick Clegg immediately after speaking to him detailing the improper actions of Boris Johnson and TFL. He wrote back claiming that the government were taking effective action to reduce air pollution in London And no further action was taken by him


In 2013 I continued to lobby journalists about the Taxi Age Limit corruption involving Tim Yeo MP and Johnson.

In  June 2013 following the information that I had provided, the Sunday Times did an undercover sting on Tim Yeo MP who said on camera ‘pay me £7k a day and I can influence the polciy’

That’s exactly what he had done with the Taxi Age Limit but no one has ever bothered to challenge him.

He was deselected by his constituency in 2014 and lost a High Court libel case against the Sunday Times when the Judge called Yeo ’dishonest’


In 2014 further Cabbies Against Boris Press Releases calling for a Public Inquiry into TFL were reported on London Live.

I wrote articles published on TaxiLeaks highlighting the corruption , including the links between Cameron/Osborne and Uber and their improper influence with Boris Johnson


In 2014 I  set up the Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry to expose the improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit, which was supported by 25 MPs and Lords. It was also formally supported by the Green Party and UKIP who both issued Press Releases calling for an urgent Public Inquiry


In 2014 the Environmental Audit Committee conducted an Inquiry and I submitted technical written evidence highlighting the improper Taxi Age Limit which was published by the Committee on the Parliamentary website (see below)

The cross party Committee made a formal recommendation to the Government for an urgent  Public Inquiry (see the Press Release below) 


In March 2015 just before the  General Election, David Cameron rejected the formal recommendation for a Public Inquiry. It would have exposed the TFL corruption on many issues. It would have also exposed the improper and unlawful actions of Boris Johnson in relation to the London Taxi Age Limit and the improper licensing of Uber (which has also caused significant air pollution )


In March 2015 I spoke to the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg  again on LBC asking why he had allowed Cameron to reject the formal recommendation for a Public Inquiry. He again spouted the same nonsense that he had nearly 2 years earlier.


In November 2015 and throughout the 2016 Mayoral Campaign  I was in direct contact with Nick Bowes, the campaign director for Sadiq Khan. I gave him extensive written evidence about the many improper and unlawful policies of Boris Johnson and TFL , including the London Taxi Age Limit which had led to failed Air Quality. 

He assured me that if Sadiq Khan was elected these issues would be addressed. Since Sadiq Khan was elected he has ignored ALL of the technical evidence that he was provided. His proposed policies of charging what he calls ‘older more polluting diesel vehicles’ is contradicted by the technical evidence which shows that the older vehicles are not more polluting. Nick Bowes is now the Mayors Director of policy and has ignored further communications.


In November 2016 the UCG held a mass protest in Whitehall supporting the call for a Public Inquiry into TFL . I helped to draft the Press Release highlighting the technical issues and including the London Taxi Age Limit and the Uber corruption. There was no further follow up from the UCG and I have not received any replies to further emails since.


Since 2014 I was in close contact with the Mail Political reporter. Articles were written but not published. In January 2017 that reporter put me in touch with the Whitehall correspondent John Stevens and the features writer Guy Adams. I provided extensive information about the corrupt actions of Boris Johnson and TFL and the improper actions of Cameron and Osborne in helping Uber.

They said they would investigate but wanted concrete evidence that Osborne had lobbied Johnson on behalf of Uber. On Jan 30th I provide them with the transcript from the GLA Mayors Question Time and a link to the video in which Johnson admitted that he had been lobbied by Osborne to ‘Lay Off Uber’.

Guy Adams emailed and said that John Stevens was going to investigate.

My emails asking if they were going to report this were then ignored for a couple of weeks until Guy Adams replied on Feb 21st apologising for the lack of response and saying that John was interested in the story but that he would get back to me if his editor ever gave the go ahead to report about Uber.

I replied on the 21st of February with the exclusive information exposing the link between Osborne’s appointment with Blackrock and their investment in Uber,  who Osborne had unlawfully helped avoid regulations.


On Feb 28th I helped to set up the National Day of Protest . I had spoken to Taxi and Private Hire organisations throughout the UK including Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Southampton, Bournemouth, Brighton and Reading. There were some protests but this was not widely supported.


Throughout March I continued to email John Stevens and Guy Adams many times asking why they had not reported the Osborne/Cameron Uber story. I also sent exclusive information about the appointment of Osborne as Standard editor by Lebedev who also owns a bank who have a significant investment in Uber.


On March 21st Guy Adams sent an email saying he has the go ahead from his editor to report the story.


On 22nd of March I spoke to Guy Adams and asked that he reported the full story and included the information about Boris Johnson and TFL. He was very defensive and tried to say that Osborne’s actions in helping Uber could be justified because it was seen as creating jobs and helping the economy. 

I replied in no uncertain terms because I was extremely frustrated that he had not even bothered to read the information. If he has he would have understood that Uber do not create jobs and that they pay not tax or VAT.

He rudely hung up on me and I have not spoken to him since. 

I sent many more emails about the corruption of Johnson and TFL in the hope that he would include some of this in his articles. He dismissed these emails as irrelevant and has reported none of the information about Johnson and TFLs unlawful actions.


On the 25th April I emailed Guy Adams thanking him for reporting the story about Cameron, Osborne and Uber and asked him why he had not thanked me for the information that I had provided and my persistent emails over many months which had initiated the story. 

He replied to my email and said that he was not interested in a ‘pissing contest’ and that he had help from many people. I know that Chris from the LCDC and the London Assembly Lib Dems had provided information about the emails and FOIs but he reluctantly thanked me for initiating the story.


I was disappointed that the full story had not been reported so in early April I contacted John Stevens and Daniel Martin who were going to report some further information. I asked them to only use the further information that I had sent if they were going to report the full story; reporting a small part of it means that others are not interested.


On April 17TH I spoke to Gerard Greaves, the Mail Deputy Editor and raised my concerns that the full story had not been reported. He said that I would need to speak to Guy Adams, but I said that I did not wish to so because he had been rude and obnoxious and that I would have no further contact with him. I sent Gerard some of the further information and he put me in touch with the features editor, Leaf Kalfayan.

He looked at the further information but said that they were going to focus on Uber.


On Wednesday 5th May I noticed the comments on twitter again asking Guy Adams how the story had been initiated because there were some Taxi orgs claiming credit for their ’hard work’.

Instead of being honest Guy Adams replied that his editor had asked him to report the story which is not factually accurate because, this was not how the story was initiated. The story had been initiated because I had sent dozens of emails over a long period of time with exclusive exposure about Osborne and Uber. 

I emailed Guy Adams and Gerard Greaves detailing this inaccurate statement. 

I have not received a reply for Gerard but did receive a very defensive reply from Guy Adams, who has now falsely claimed that my email pointing out his dishonest statement was abusive and that I was now harassing him. This was the first email I had sent him in a month and pointing out someone’s false statement is not abusive.

He seems to forget that if I had not been persistent with my emails to him and others at the Mail in the first place he would not have had a story to report


TFL have needlessly scrapped 10,000 London Taxis at great expense to drivers based on false claims it would reduce air pollution.

They have unlawfully licensed Uber and will do so again and have issued tens of thousands of PH licenses without any checks.

I have tried for the last 9 years to expose the TFL corruption sending tens of thousands of emails to MPs and Journalists.

I have filed complaints to the Department of Transport, the GLA , London Assembly Members, MPs and Lords, the Local Government Ombudsman, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Deputy Prime Minster, many Shadow Ministers , the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, the Met Police, the City of London Police and many others. All complaints have been ignored.

I have written dozens and dozens  of articles throughout this period , many of which have been posted on the Anderson Shelter and Taxi Leaks


If just a small percentage of drivers would protest on a daily basis calling for the corruption to be exposed it would happen and the Public Inquiry which is needed to expose the corruption would take place.

After the election any action will be pointless


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