Friday, May 26, 2017

Disgraceful Performance Of TfL Comes To A Head As Uber Are Temporarily Relicense .... By Jim Thomas

Customers raped by drivers, sexual assaulted by drivers, customer's credit cards hacked. 
Uber have been caught spying on customers with their "Greyball" system, sending generic emails to licensing authority without customer permission and driver accident rates are through the roof .... yet TfL deem this company fit for purpose. 
We've even seen TfL directors lying to the GLA to protect this company (on off nsurance, land line issue).

Yet take a video of Mike Brown and Leon Daniels eating dinner and they revoke a cab drivers licence.


Uber have never complied fully with the Private Hire Vehicles Act 1998 (no land line for pre-bookings or customer queries), from when they were fist licensed, till the present day. 

They have on multiple occasions operated from premises with no planning permission and no "Licence Variation" ..... yet they've kept their operators licence. 

It's no just TfL bending over backwards to facilitate this company.
NSL are complicit in this biased corruption of TfL. 

Below photographed taken today, at the Coulsdon NSL inspection centre at approx 1pm. Its an Uber Prius sporting a roof sign, totally illegal in London. 

This is in our opinion, ultimate proof that NSL/TfL are knowingly licensing Uber vehicles to work in other licensing areas outside London. 

Also perhaps TfL would like to explain when the Secretary of State gave them permission to issue shorter licence periods !

What does a PH company have to do to get their operators licence revoked ??? 

In the past, under the watchful eye and directorship of John Mason, a West London PH operator paid SGS officials for PH roundels without having to present vehicles for inspection, when caught by police, they kept their operator licence. As far as we know, all charges were dropped. 

More recently, Addison Lee's CEO told drivers to break the law and drive in bus lanes, the company refused to remove unauthorised livery during the rugby World Cup even though official complaints were filed against them....and they still kept their operator licence. 

TfL's bias towards private hire is legionary, they have a long history of bending (and in some cases changing) the rules to allow the chosen few certain privileges.

Back in 2012, were issued with 18 new five year licence variations (satellite office)  by LTPH, even though they did not meet the requirement of being in business as a stand alone Private Hire operator/provider for the minimum period of one year. In fact they were issued with all licenses just 2 days after they registered as a company.

Taxi Leaks complained to TfL who then lied on three occasions about the circumstances of the licenses, then refused to answer any further communications. 

In February 2013, after months of rumours about a possible fraud being carried out at the Palestra building, Taxi Leaks published an article, based on information received from a highly respected member of the RMT Taxi Branch. 

The Post received much attention from TfLTPH stakeholders who asked director of TfLTPH John Mason, "if there's no truth in the article, why it hadn't been removed?

John Mason then contacted the editorial staff of the blog by means of a series of emails from himself and Abbey Ameen, with threats of legal action from TfLs legal department. 

In an email from his legal team Mason claimed;
"No arrest has been made of any individual at Palestra. There has been no “breach of security” and the allegation of fraud, where an individual has been dismissed from TfL and is subject to Police action is not true."

He also said:-
"None of this is true and they should “put up” or shut up” when making such allegations in print. Surely this is slander?"
Yes, he actually said 'Slander'.

Not only did we put up, we proved the arrest of a corrupt staff member took place.
A Taxi Leaks article announced that on the 17th of April 2013, Brazilian national and ex member of staff at Palestra, Marcos Gurgel was found guilty of fraudulently obtaining £249 from Taxi Driver Stanley Marut. The article was backed up by an email from Mr Marut explaining in detail what happened in court.

Not another word was heard from Mason or TfL's legal team and subsequently, Mason was removed from his position at LTPH. 

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