Monday, May 01, 2017

Tomorrow's SubStandard Headline...Tonight.

Friends and colleagues, we are marching on The Evening Standard in Kensington. 

Meeting up at Kensington Gore at 9am and descending on the newspapers offices for 10am to welcome George Gideon Oliver Osbourne into he's new role as editor. 

This man along with his uber loving bullenden club chum David Cameron, has done more damage to our trade, than any individual in living history. 

He will now attempt to finish the job in he's highly paid role at the cab hating ES. 

This man should be facing a prison sentence for his alleged malfeasance. 

If you are one of my colleagues, please do not mug your fellow colleagues off by being a scab between the hours of 10 and 12ish or in the very least, not in the Kensington area. 


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