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Uber Mayor Trafiq Khanage Gives Uber A Licence Extension ... By Dave Davies

If Uber Mayor Trafiq Khanage doesn’t want Labour to win the Election, he should be expelled from the Labour Party.

Amazing that Khan can change the PHV act 1998 at will to offer Uber a 4 month licence extension, yet he still can't cap PH numbers. Secretary of State says Khans never asked.

Uber Mayor Trafiq Khanage has re-licensed Uber despite the fact that they do not operate within the law or regulations, going back on his Mayoral election promises that he would take action. 

Following revelations in 2015 and 2016 of Uber drivers cheating the system with fake insurance, medicals and no proper DBS checks, Mayor Khanage said that if he came across one single case of false documents he would immediately suspend Uber’s Operators Licence.

There is ongoing evidence that Uber drivers do not operate lawfully and that the Uber booking process does not comply with Private Hire Law or Regulations.


The recent Mail articles, which reported evidence of utter corruption involving David Cameron, George Osborne and Downing Street Officials and the unlawful actions of Boris Johnson and TFL who have ignored all laws and regulations to allow Uber to be granted a Private Hire Operators License in the first place, can leave people in no doubt that Uber do not operate lawfully and that the only reason they have been able to do so is corruption. 


Boris Johnson previously made public statements that Uber break the law in many ways. He chose to ignore this, even though he had the Statutory power to immediately suspend their license 


Mayor Khanage also made promises that he would reduce toxic air pollution which is killing thousands of people and creates health costs nationally of £1 billion a week (based on the Governments own figures).

He was given  technical evidence by the Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry showing that most of the air pollution is caused by traffic congestion and that the newer diesel vehicles are more polluting than older vehicles. He has continued to issue thousands of new Private Hire Licenses every month with no proper checks knowing full well that this will increase congestion and air pollution.

His announcements to charge ‘older more polluting vehicles’ contradicts and ignores all technical evidence.


We have seen the huge amount of traffic congestion and air pollution caused not just by the sheer volume of Uber drivers, but by their incompetence.


TFL have issued Private Hire Licenses at the rate of up to 2500 a month for a long period of time without proper checks or regulation to the point that there are now 117k Private Hire drivers in London.

It is a widely acknowledged fact that in the Private Hire industry that once a license has been issued it may be shared with others who are not licensed, sometimes a group of drivers will share a license meaning that a vehicle could be on the road 24/7

TFL are not carrying out any enforcement checks of significance which means that the unlicensed driver situation can continue unchecked, a fact that is proven by recent accidents where this has been exposed. This means that there could be double the number of drivers that are actually licensed, a staggering 240k on the road.

But it is not just the fact that there is a massive number of vehicles on the road which is causing congestion. It is the fact that TFL have issued licenses to drivers without checks or without enforcement which means that people who have a less than basic understanding of  the English Language and may even not have a legitimate Driving License and therefore cannot understand road signs and traffic signs and who do not even have adequate basic driving skills are able to be given a Private Hire License and drive a vehicle in London.

The result is a massive number of traffic incidents ranging from serious accidents causing deaths to incompetent drivers ignoring all traffic regulations by parking on red routes, yellow lines, pedestrian crossings, taxi ranks  or absolutely anywhere they feel like. They ignore No Entry Signs and One Way signs all of which can completely stop hundreds of vehicles. Traffic flow has been reduced by the tens of thousands of improperly licensed drivers who don’t care that they have broken the rules because they have nothing invested in actually obtaining that license. Easy come easy go.

Because there is no proper regulation or enforcement they either do not get reported or prosecuted for breaking the rules or if they are reported they are probably not even traceable; how do you prosecute someone who has used fake documents or details to get a license in the first place or if the person driving is not even licensed?

Every single time that an unqualified Private Hire Driver blocks traffic by ignoring all regulations or Parking in the middle of the road or is involved in an accident it causes massive traffic congestion.

All of this confirms that TFL have failed in their Duty of Care to protect the Public and failed in the basic principles of Public Law.


The high number of  Sexual Assaults and Rapes involving Uber drivers who have less than robust checks is being ignored.


The risk to Public Safety and National Security is being ignored.


Mayor Khanage has formed a close alliance  with corrupt Uber backer George Osborne, so did not  keep his word and take any proper action against Uber


He has also been very enthusiastic about Google and their new campus at Kings Cross


All we need to know about this is that Google are significant shareholders in Uber and the Chair of Google is Eric Schmidt and his daughter Sophie Schmidt is a senior Uber executive.

                                         Eric and Sophie Schmidt 

Mayor Khanage has more interest in the Osborne method of Public service which involves acting in favour of corporations who pay no UK Vat or Tax and to later receive benefits for this, instead of doing the job that he was elected for and representing the interests of the people of London.


He was previously a Human Rights Lawyer and knows full well the requirements of Public Law for his decisions to be evidence based, fair, reasonable, rational and for proper purpose.

He is going to ignore these legal requirements and all of the evidence that Uber do not operate lawfully and re-license them anyway.


The result of this will be that tens of thousands of Taxi and Private Hire drivers throughout the UK will not want to vote Labour.


It may be a good strategy for Taxi and Private Hire drivers nationally to stage daily flash protests starting as soon as possible, with the clear message that the corruption involving Cameron, Osborne, Johnson, Khan and TFL must be  fully reported in the media and the demand for an immediate Public Inquiry


If the Labour leadership decide to Publicly demand  for action to be taken about the corruption they may manage to persuade some of the tens of thousands of Taxi and Private Hire drivers across the UK to vote Labour, despite the improper actions of the Labour London Mayor. 


Some are calling for him to be expelled  from the Labour Party because his actions are not lawful and go against all Labour principles of defending the working peoples rights.


It seems likely that  Mayor Khanage is happy for Labour to lose the election because his position as Mayor is not affected by the election and it could clear the way for him to implement any Labour  Leadership aspirations he has for the future


If Taxi and Private Hire drivers do nothing before the election it is extremely likely that Theresa May will be re-elected and will take no action.

More than 5000 Taxi and Private Hire drivers wrote to their MPs calling for an urgent Public Inquiry to investigate the corruption involving Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and TFL.

Some MPs wrote to the Prime Minster but she has ignored all of this and instead called a snap Election; something she had previously vowed not to do.


It begs the question why did she ignore the urgent requests from MPs for an urgent Public Inquiry to investigate the corruption?


Was she concerned that if the full extent of the corruption is exposed she could be seen as complicit?

She was Home Secretary for the full 6 year period of the Cameron Tory Government and was therefore privy to everything that Cameron, Osborne and Downing Street were doing; 

How could she have not been aware of their improper actions in relation to Uber?


If you do nothing , nothing will happen.

Uber has now been re-licensed, Theresa May will be re-elected and Taxi drivers will need to be re-employed doing something else.


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