Thursday, May 25, 2017

Private Hire Cars Allowed On Ranks To Ease Strike Over Fare Charges

Normally only taxis can pick up passengers without a booking, but they are staging a "lightening strike" 

Private hire cars in Jersey are being allowed to pick up passengers from ranks today, as Taxi drivers strike over fare charges.
The Infrastructure Minister announced the temporary move to ease problems and added he is "really disappointed" at the Taxi drivers "lightening strike".
Deputy Eddie Noel wants to increase journey prices by 4.6%, but drivers say that doesn't take into account extra costs they have to pay as part of major reforms.
Talks have been ongoing since December over the reforms, but the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association say they have now broken down:

"We have been talking to the taxi industry over several years and we have been trying to bring about much needed change through evolution. 
What we have been trying to do has been in the interests of the public, to provide them with the sort of service that customers expect in this day and age. 
It has not been an easy process".