Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Part 4 ? They're about to Call Time at the Last Chance Saloon.... By Dave Davies

The recent Mail exposures have helped to let many Taxi Drivers who do not use social media about the Cameron/Osborne/Johnson /TFL corruption.

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I knew  when I gave the information to the Mail that they were motivated to report the story about Cameron and Osborne after  the request was made to sack the Mail editor Paul Dacre by Cameron because of his stance on Brexit. I also knew that they were unlikely to report the involvement of Boris Johnson and TFL.

It has become extremely clear that no other main stream media is going to report the corruption; Have you noticed that there was barely any coverage of the Mail exposure anywhere else?


This is not accidental; it is a deliberate and conscious effort to cover up this toxic story and serious questions need to be asked as to why.


Some have stated that the Cameron /Osborne corruption is so toxic, and that along with the Tory 2015 Election expenses scandal it could be the reason why Theresa May called a snap election (after stating for months that she categorically would not do so)


It needs to be understood that it would have been very difficult for Theresa May to not be aware of what was taking place with Cameron and Osborne and even if she was not directly complicit, she is indirectly complicit by ignoring their corruption.

She was Home Secretary throughout Cameron’s time as Prime Minister and was the longest serving Home Secretary in 60 years. What that tells you is that alongside the Prime Minister and Chancellor she was in the most senior role in Government and that she was extremely close to Cameron and Osborne, otherwise she would not have stayed in the job for the entire time Cameron was Prime Minister. 

The FOIs reported in the Mail exposure confirmed that Downing Street Staff were involved in setting up meetings with TFL and that they then tried to cover these meetings up by providing false information in response to the FOIs saying that the meetings had not taken place.


The fact that Theresa May has called a snap election could well have been influenced by the exposure of this toxic corruption because if the full facts are reported she could well be implicated. If she wins the Election, it will provide her with separation from Cameron’s Government and from the 2015 Election expenses scandal.


The only person who can initiate a Public Inquiry into the corruption involving Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and TFL is the Prime Minister.

The only time that she is vulnerable to the further exposure of the corruption is now. 

As things stand she is likely to have a significant majority after June 8th and will then be invincible. 


The only time that protests are likely to have any affect is NOW before the election; afterwards she won’t care what Taxi Drivers do.


Remember 2012? I tried to persuade people to protest BEFORE Johnson was re-elected as Mayor because that was when he was vulnerable and would be most affected by Taxi protests.

Taxi Drivers protested in 2012 in massive numbers  AFTER he was re-elected . He ignored all protests and instructed the Met to use anti terror laws to stop protests.

It is likely Teresa May will do the same after June 8th.


There are groups of drivers across the country who will support action.

If London Taxi drivers protest about the corruption then many will support it. Those who think that they need to have a protest exclusively for London Taxi drivers exclusively about London Taxi issues have been proven to be wrong. 

The corruption affects everyone in one way or another. The improper and unlawful policies of TFL are having an effect throughout the UK.

The congestion and air pollution affects everyone. Air Pollution creates more than £50 billion a year in health costs so everyone who uses the NHS is affected.

Tens of thousands die each year from cancer, heart and lung disease and many other health issues caused by toxic air pollution which has been caused by corrupt policies.

Throughout the UK many Taxi and Private Hire drivers operate alongside each other. In some areas drivers associations represent both. In some areas drivers can hold a Hackney and Private Hire License at the same time.

It is acknowledged that in London some Private Hire drivers have acted without regulation and have ignored the rules as much as Uber, which has been allowed to happen by a corrupt TFL.

That should not prevent London Taxi Drivers protesting ; it should motivate them to protest at the corruption of TFL .

The idea that  London Taxi Drivers would  somehow be standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Private Hire Drivers if those drivers support the same call for the corruption to be exposed, is not valid.

If there is a protest there needs to be as much support as possible from as many people as possible.

It doesn’t matter if they are Private Hire Drivers from elsewhere in the UK (who have been affected as much by TFLs corruption as London Cabbies have), Cyclists, Air Pollution Campaigners, Campaigners supporting the NHS or anyone campaigning against corruption.

The more people that protest calling for the same thing the  better chance of exposure in the media and the better chance of success.

This is not an issue just affecting London Taxi Drivers ; its a national issue of a corrupt Prime Minister, Chancellor and Government.

It needs to be exposed BEFORE the same Tories are re-elected in bigger numbers


The recent campaign which has seen thousands of letters sent by Taxi Drivers to MPs demanding a Public Inquiry was a great idea, but unfortunately most Tory MPs just ignored their constituents requests and those Labour MPs who have written to the  PM have not made any difference.


Why would people not want to expose this before the Tories  are given another free ride for 5 years after June 8th?


In the recent Anthony Joshua v Klitschko fight   AJ made a spirited effort in the 11th Round to knock out his opponent. If he had not made that effort  he would have lost on points.

He had the guts and  spirit to fight and is now World Heavyweight champ


It’s now the 11th round for Taxi drivers and it’s time to come out fighting. Wait until the  12th round and you’ve already lost; it’s no good fighting after the final bell!

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