Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Minicab Driver From Bow Rapes Female Passengers, While Compliance Check Taxi Badge And Bills.

A minicab driver from Bow is facing jail for raping and sexually assaulting vulnerable women passengers after cutting off parts of their clothes
Jahir Hussain, 37, admitted attacking three women after they had been out socialising in Shoreditch last October and December.

The first victim had fallen sleep in Hussain’s car and when she woke up she discovered her jeans and belt had been cut before he groped and assaulted her on October 21.

He struck a second time on December 2 when a woman, who had stepped into his car believing it was an Uber cab, fell asleep and woke up to find Hussain kissing her mouth and fiddling with his trousers as if he was doing up his buttons.

He attacked a third passenger hours later by touching her legs and lifting up her dress as she slept in the back of his cab.

When she got home she noticed her tights and knickers had been partly cut off her body in an almost identical way to the first victim’s belt and jeans.

Yesterday at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Hussain pleaded guilty to two counts of rape, three counts of sexual assault, one of assault by penetration, fraud by false representation and battery with intent to commit a sexual offence.

He will be sentenced on July 10.

London Crown Prosecution Service reviewing lawyer Catherine Wear said: “Hussain preyed on the vulnerabilities of women passengers, cutting the clothing of two of his victims and sexually assaulting them after they had passed out in the back of his cab following nights out in Shoreditch.

“The strong CPS prosecution case which led to today’s late guilty pleas showed that there could have been no question of these women consenting to any sexual activity as Hussain initially claimed.

“We are grateful to these brave women for having the courage to come forward and glad these admissions have spared them from any court appearances.”

Editorial Comment :


It's a sad fact that the public are not protected from these animals who perform these serious sexual attacks. 

We heard from Rachel Griffin of the Suzy Lamplugh trust, that the most favoured method of dangerous sexual predators is touting, picking up unrecorded passengers who have been drinking, but TfL turned a death ear. 


Instead of employing sufficient manpower to police the trade they licence, combating blatent touting in busy areas and protecting night revellers from sexual deviants, TfL would rather concertrate on harassing Taxi drivers just incase they are not wearing their badge properly, or committing the heinous act of 'over ranking'. 

But even worse is the treatment these cases recieve in the media. It's very rare that the headline reads 'Minicab' or 'Private Hire' driver rapes passenger, it's usually headed...'Taxi driver' rapes passenger. These statements appear never to be questioned by TfL.

The overpaid directors/managers at TfLTPH are as much to blame for this type of crime as Jahir Hussain... for putting budget before the safety of the public. 

It's not gone unnoticed to the Taxi trade, the training given to recently commissioned compliance officers is woefully inadequate.

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