Sunday, May 28, 2017

Great Ormond Street Hospital, Turn Their Back On The Trade That's Supported Them For Many Years... By Jim Thomas.

This is the thanks we get for all the years of fundraising support and free rides given to staff and patients.
GOSH, advising patients to travel to and from the hospital in a Prius.

The Taxi trade and its driver charities have never courted publicity for the funds they raise, the unpaid work they do, out of respect for the children and their parents, as many of the children are terminal ... we just get on and do it, because we care. 

The many years of fund raising, trips to the sea side, trips to Disney Land, the vast amounts raised to help with special needs projects. 
We have never sort praise or kudos, but this is the thank's we now get from the trustees of GOSH, telling patients they should only use hybrid or Electric minicabs.  

This is an total insult not only to our trade but also to the army of people on the periphery, helping the trade charities, who have done such great work on behalf of the friends of the GOSH Trust for many years 

GOSH need to reconsider this advertisement and remove immediately. 

You Want Cleaner Air...Then a Lobby Camden Council:
If the trust wants cleaner air in the area, then they should be lobbying Camden council who have introduced a controversial traffic system that has bought the surrounding area to gridlock most of for the day. Camden need to return the traffic system back to how it was before.

Its this new system which is causing the congestion, adding enormously to the polluted air quality around the hospital and GOSH should be putting pressure on the Council to revert the scheme and alleviate the problem.

Editorial Comment : 
Many drivers are taking to social media saying that they will no longer be extending their services free of charge or at discounted rates to staff and patients. 
Taxi Leaks would like to point out that this insult has been made by the hospital trust and not the patients.

Just a small sample of the feelings being expressed on Social media. 

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