Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ARRO Goes Live As New Taxi App Launches Update To CMT System Tablets.

You'll be seeing quite a lot of these Arro logos in and around London over the coming weeks & months ... We'll begin to promote Arro next month and will increase the means and volume of advertising over the coming months.

What's Happening Now?
Arro is live as of today ... there's a new-build update being sent out. If this doesn't reach your Taxi today it will very soon. CMT Staff & selected others have access to a test version of the Arro App and will be E-Hailing Taxis throughout the next couple of weeks. You can choose to accept these E-Hails, or not, it's entirely up to you. If you do accept an E-Hail in this test phase there will be no processing fee at all. Once Arro is launched payments will be made in accordance with your cashiering schedule and we'll announce our Fee shortly. 
Please note we will not be joining the double-digit fee club!

Below are some basic screen shots that walk you through the process of accepting an Arro E-Hail. Remember that Arro E-Hails process Payments and Tips, via stored card details on the Passenger's account, so payment is automatic. You will get a printed receipt to confirm the successful payment, while the passenger will receive an automatically generated email receipt.

By simply pressing the blue 'A' Arro tile you can choose to make yourself Available or Unavailable for E-Hails.

If an E-Hail Offer appears, with accompanying alert sound, you will have 15 seconds to Accept, Reject or simply ignore the offer.

If you accept and are awarded the E-Hail you're given the location of the passenger. Press the Green Tick on arrival. If you want more location information, click the Yellow '?'

The system will display a map of the passenger's location (in this case it's our Kendal Avenue Facility). You also have the option the tap the screen.

If you do you'll be shown a Street View image of the location. Pressing the 'phone button' enables messaging between your system and the Passenger's App.

The passenger has 3 minutes from when you arrive to reach you. If the passenger hasn't made contact within 3 minutes you can 'Bail' from the trip. If this happens the passenger will be charged and you will be paid this charge, minus the processing fee.

The system will check the passenger's stored payment card to ensure it is valid. Payment is automatic at the end of the trip. Operate your Meter as normal to begin & complete the Fare.

The passenger receives an emailed receipt, your in-vehicle system will print you a receipt. In addition, the screen will indicate the approval of the transaction.
What's Happening Next?
We will be 'soft launching' Arro to the Public in June. This will mean the App is live and fully operational and we'll be utilising the likes of Supersides, Tip Seats and Driver Materials (stickers, flyers & branded receipt rolls) to build brand awareness in this phase. Before we make a bigger push we want to introduce the brand to the travelling public. So if you intend to utilise Arro, your partnership in this phase of the launch will be greatly appreciated.

We will then 'hard launch' to the Public. This is when we'll increase our marketing spend and spread our advertising. It is a gradual process but we are fully aware that, if a new Hailing App is to succeed, it needs to be backed by a significant marketing spend. The key advantage Arro has over the competition is that, as of this moment, there are over 8000 Taxis in London which can accept Arro work with all the hardware and data charges already taken care of. Passengers will never be more than a couple of minutes away from one of London's finest.

That's all the Arro news we have at the moment but we'll be keeping you up to date with the launch process ... as well as announcing our Fee.

Warm regards,

The CMT Arro Team

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