Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Open Letter Calling For The Resignation Of TfL's Leon Daniels ... from Sean Paul Day.

Please treat this correspondence as a statement calling on the resignation of Mr. Leon Alistair Daniels (Managing Director, Surface Transport)

Mr. Daniels  wilfully facilitates a covert political agenda against the licensed taxi trade & Private Hire industry,  inflicting immeasurable harm. 

The policy, which has left the taxi trade in a place of excruciating incertitude for over four yeas has caused chronic economic and emotional damage- to many.  TfL has never collated data on the detrimental effects sustained  by tens of thousands of individuals as a result of policy direction

The  interminable haemorrhaging of PH licenses has decimated environmental and economic sustainability and embedded great uncertainty into a comparatively harmonious market. 

TfL is a weird and grotesquely unaccountable arrangement that has never questioned  investment (from institutes with gross human atrocity records) to fund an aggressive predatory pricing policy. 

A corporation only fixes prices artificially low to annihilate the opposition and with that I conclude, TfL cultured an environment for the taxi trade to become unviable. 

I am aggrieved that Mr. Leon Daniels is still in public office and/or sharing a Directors position on London Buses LTD. By remaining, Mr. Daniels ridged adherence to policy constitutes a dereliction of care to ensure public safety. TfL has never afforded due diligence on safety. 

To  disambiguate, I meet all statutory licensing regulations to work as a taxi driver and fulfil the criteria of a ‘fit and proper’ person. 

With this, I question the ability and efficacy of senior management at TPH to regulate with discernment  after inflicting on it such irreparable damage. 

If senior management at Transport for London believe this comment to be unjust or injurious to an employee or brand, then I invite Mr Mike Brown (Commissioner) or Peter Blake (Director Of Service Operations) to file a lawsuit against me. 

I conclude, the only solution to the dire situation (experienced across the whole of surface transport) to to fully dismantle TfL. Nothing has convinced me that TfL can take an objective stance and make decisions in the interest of the trade. 

TfL needs to disband at the earliest possible moment. But Mr. Daniels needs to go now. Malfeasance in public office is being committed. 

Sean Paul Day

Editorial Extra :

       Statement From The ITA : 

Want to know who's side Mayor Khan is on, why not come along with the ITA and ask him.
May 18 at 10pm.


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