Saturday, April 08, 2017

ITV London Fake News, To Show London Cabbies In Bad Light.


We've already seen the Evening Standard caught out this week, promoting a fake news story about London's Taxis. Now we see ITV London News trying to fake a story to blacken the name of London's licensed Taxi trade.

As the Taxi demo was getting underway on Thursday ITV London news team was busying instigating a fake news set up of London's Black Cabs. 

Disabled actress Samantha Renke had been hired and asked to change from her normal method of booking a licensed Taxi (through a Taxi app) -which she never has trouble with- to take part in a fake news sting, to make it look as if Taxis won't stop for disabled wheelchair users. 

Unfortunately for this sick news crew,  a witness driver realised what they were doing, and has made a statement. He said all the cabs that were flagged down who stopped for Samantha, were hurriedly sent on their way. 

Taxi driver David said :
"As I drove past her with a fare on board, I noticed her flagging. I dropped off just 20 yards past her, so I spun round to see if she wanted a cab. I was told I wasn't needed as they were filming. 

"This news item is literally lies, she was hailing ghost cabs...Utter B/S and I will be complaining to the BSA watchdog about this."

In the clip shown on the news, Samantha was filmed allegedly flagging a Taxi. The vehicle in the clip carried on without stopping and she appears to raised her arm as if to show frustration at the driver. (Nice bit of acting).

If you look carefully, it's easy to spot that the Taxi light of the Vito in the footage shown is most certainly not illuminated and therefore the vehicle is not for hire. 

But the voiceover try's to make it look as if the driver is ignoring actress Samantha, because she's in a wheelchair. 
Come to think of it, didn't Cameron used to work for (@ITV) Carlton Communications? 

This will now be reported to The Broadcasting Standards Commission.

On the very day that thousands of Professional Licensed Taxi Trade protested in Whitehall against The Cameron/Osbourne corruption in pressuring Mayor Boris & TfL into accepting a tax-dodging US billionaires dangerous minicab app into UK but they decide not to report this ?

Instead they fabricate this nasty lie of a story using a professional disabled actress !

This plainly shows disruptive technology & dodgy politicians controlling the media by manipulating propaganda news.

Dirty tricks brigade are working hard against all professional trained & skilled workers & encouraging deregulation of skilled professions.

Samantha is a disabled jobbing actress. 

She was hired to do a job (which in hindsight, she should have turned down) but as she's stated on social media, she is desperately struggling to finance a new electric wheelchair, after being refused help. 

She obviously needed this money, and never thought about the consequences of her actions. 
I really hope professional Taxi drivers do not hold this against her personally, surely we as a trade are bigger than that.

She will always be welcome in my Taxi.
I would never drive by a wheelchair, regardless of who was in it.

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