Wednesday, April 05, 2017

It's All Political, Smoke And I'm Spartacus

So the Mayor has announced the air strategy and as expected Taxis are exempt as there is a well developed plan for us.

As expected Uber put there oar in, so for Tom Elvidge's education who seems to know about all this as much as his drivers do about London, perhaps even less than the taxes they avoid (but not for much longer mate)

1. Taxi drivers can only use TfL approved vehicle types, Drivers have always bought the lowest polluting available to them.

2. Gross over licensing of PH has lead to ever increasing pollution so when Uber depart this will improve no end.

3. Soon the only approved taxi types will be Euro 6 or ZEC, there will be a scrappage scheme to encourage take up.

Anyhow Uber in their own words don't own or operate vehicles, so any data from them is wholly unreliable, they wont even say how many vehicles they 'control'.

To conclude then Uber, obey the law, pay your dues and then and only then can you comment.

Until then don't pollute London with your PR tosh!

I'm Spartacus 

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