Saturday, April 15, 2017

If Drivers Can Work Together...Why Can't Our Representative Orgs ? The Time Has Come For A Council Of Jim Thomas

While reading a post on FaceBook, about how cabbies took back the rank at the Cafe Royal, a noticed a comment from a driver who made a terrific point....he said that when up against it, rank and file drivers 'can' and 'do' work well together...
And he's 100% right.
So why can't our orgs?

In the face of on street adversity, we work extremely well together. The Mayfair Mob, the Dads Defending Daughters and the driver led Independent Drivers Alliance, are leading the way when it comes to fighting for our trade's survival . Made up from a conglomeration of cabbies, from all orgs and backgrounds, we eat together, rank up together and we fight together... united under the same cause. 

If we can do it as rank and file drivers, with no egos, no empire building, not looking for careers in politics, no seats on the board....if we can do this on the streets, then why in hells name can't our orgs. 

It appears the only thing they can do together religiously, is take our money.

With all the stuff coming out daily about corruption from TfL, the Government and Uber employees....we should be stamping all over our problems. But we are in danger of dragging defeat from the jaws of victory....again.

Just recently, our orgs and unions came so close to uniting fully but again, egos and empires and outsider influence got in the way. As one org is accepted into the fold, another is excluded. It's been th same process for the past 20 years. 

Now we have a group of drivers who have turned towards a predomenently minicab Union, looking for help they feel they can't get inside the Taxi trade.

Quite a bit of this division is coming from outsider intervention, people who are not cabbies with conflicting interests to our unity, people with differing agendas trying to pit driver against driver, org against org. While this brand of infighting continues, we are no more than lame ducks and it has to stop. 

If our leaders can't work together like the drivers, then we must get rid of them and get new leaders who can work side by side. There must be no exemptions from any talks or negotiations. If the powers that be wont talk to all, then we must not talk to them. It's simple....all or nothing.

We are fighting a corrupt licensing authority, administering to corrupt government officials past and present.

There can be no doubt, we've been under attack at government level.

If ever you were in doubt of the corrupt collusion that's been going on between top of the pile Downing Street government ministers and the USA based non tax paying instant hail online minicab app, you must listen to this interview on LBC with friend of the Taxi trade Frances Wyhowska, below.

Frances recalls a conversation she had with Prime Minister David Cameron at a party on the 20/11/2015, where he openly informed her he was now on the side of Uber and that he didn't need taxis in London as we now have Sat-Navs.

Earlier in the radio interview, Steve McNamara had spoke about the way Cameron, Osbourne, and Sajid Javid had called senior TfL officers to Downing Street and told them to go easy on Uber.

But, just because the Mayor and "these people" at Transport for London were leaned on to give Uber an easy ride... and to aid the destruction of a trade with 360 year history of service, it doesn't dissolve them from the responsibility to act in the safety and protection of the general public, be they residents or visitors to the capital.

W heard that last year there were 5 attempted suicides within the trade. At this rate it won't be long before some drivers actually manage to  take their own lives over decisions made by TfL directors and managers.

Will we soon be seen headlines here in London as we've seen in Dublin after their trad deregulated?

See what Uber driver's own Union has to say about this companies modus operandi 

I believe these people should not be allowed to just walk away, they must be made to pay for what they have done.

As we all know full well the Nuremberg defence is no defence.


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