Sunday, April 09, 2017

Harassment Charge Dropped, Two More MPs Supporting Our Trade & David Kurten Question To The Mayor

It was fantastic to read in the Badge that the Met Police appear to agree with the LCDC rather than TfL and have decided not to proceed with the harassment charges against Sean Stockings. 

Although the matter hasn't been fully closed as Sean's LCDC legal team are still appealing Peter Blake's decision to revoke Sean's licence -on the grounds he is not fit and proper- it must add to his defence that the police do not see fit to proceed with any charges. 

Also, a meeting has been arranged with Barrenness Shami Chakrabarti in the House of Commons. Shami, like the rest of the trade, is appalled at the treatment of Mr Stocking and has agreed to get involved and help.

Other news this weekend 
MP John Cruddas has asked the PrimeMinister  for an investigation into the relationship between previous occupants of no10 and Uber. 

Also, MP Charles Walker has written to one of his constituents reaffirming his support for the Taxi trade in their fight against Uber. 

Finally, UKIP Assembly Member David Kurten has tabled a written question to the Mayor, asking if he is familiar with the case law appertaining to Blue Line Taxis vs Newcastle city council? 

He also asks if the Mayor is aware that a Taxi or Private hire vehicle waiting in anticipation of a job offer in another licensed area, is no longer a licensed vehicle, but an unlicensed car illegally plying for hire...we wait with baited breath for the mayor's answer on that one.

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