Friday, April 28, 2017

GMB Announce Uber To Get A One Year Licence Renewal And Good Law Project Ready To Issue Proceedings


At 5:41am this morning 28April 2017, the Branch Secretary of the GMB Union made this statement about the relicensing issue concerning instant the hail app company Uber:

He was then asked by a respect trade voice if this was a fact, or just a prediction, to which he made this further reply. 

Although Steve has said that Uber will be granted a one year operators licence, this has nothing to do with the scandalous controversy, which alleges members of a previous government administration and their friends and colleagues, were implicated in putting pressure on the former Mayor of London Boris Johnson, to go easy on Uber. 

The one year operators licence is actually a stop gap measure by TfL while the consultation for a massive increase in licence fees take its course. 

If the consultation goes TfL's way, which consultations seem to have a habit of doing, then it could get very expensive to be a PHV operator in London. The largest companies (Uber included in this bracket) will have to find £1.6m plus £68 per mobile vehicle. 

But all this to one side, according to the GMB branch secretary, Uber's relicensing is already a done deal.

Funny how our trade has to turn to a minicab Union to get this type of information !

Other news released today:
The Good Law Project has today stated that their Uber claim has been drafted and is ready to go. 
The say they are currently taking advice from a specialist costs QC and will issue proceedings shortly. 

This is a screen shot of one of TfLs PDF's you can download. The passage is unbelievable and looks like it was written by a 9 year old child.

They know the problem, but they have no solution! And could someone from TfLTPH please explain to me, what a private Taxi is ?

Breaking News : 

LTDA have issued follow up letter objecting to TfL re licensing Uber, it is now available to download online:-

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