Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Evening Standard Launches Attack On The Taxi Trade With Fake News... By Carrie Harrison


I'm sure most of us read the Evening Standard story yesterday, whereby Zipjet the "specialist dry cleaners" carried out research, analysing contamination of the most popular modes of public transport. Remarkably, Black Taxis came out as the most contaminated. 

They even went so far to say that: 
"On the contrary, the seats of an Uber was found to be the cleanest mode of transport in the city. The double decker red bus was the second cleanest way to commute followed by the tube" ... 

Well don't you think it's very strange that one of the directors/board members of the said "specialist dry cleaners" has the same correspondence address at companies house, as the registered address of the Evening Standard!


To be honest, we've been expecting a broadside from this paper, after the incredibly bad news week their friends at Uber have received from the Mail and FT this last week. 

The Press Complaints Commission has been replaced by the IPSO, but the Standard isn't signed up to it, so the only complaints procedure open to us is the one within the Standard itself. 

This is the intern they used to produce this article.
Please fill in the Standard complaint form below. 
It will go to the Independent offices. 
I didn't know this, but they are under the same ownership. 
We must capitalise on this instead of just commenting amongst ourselves.


Just to be clear :
Zipjet's address, registered with companies house is 76 Oxford Street W1. 
Whereas the address in the images above, is for one of the directors/board members of Zipjet, Stephen Riley and is stated as his correspondence address (coincidentally, It's the registered address of the Evening Standard). 

With thanks to Carrie Harrison and Murray Gordon 

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