Monday, April 03, 2017

Bombshell News As insurers Change Terms And Conditions Of Hire And Reward Policies.

It has been bought to our attention, that Tradex Insurance, who cover both Taxi and Private hire insurance, have allegedly closed a loop hole and placed an exclusion in their terms of Insurance. 

It is said they will now refuse to honor any claims made by licensed vehicle found accepting trips while working outside their own Licensed Area. 
This means that PH drivers who are licensed by TfL as Private Hire Drivers, found to be accepting trips from their operator while outside the Greater Metropolitan Police District of Greater London are basically uninsured. 

It's also alleged that Tradex are not alone in this and other insurers will also follow and add a similar caveats to their T&Gs.

Westminster Insurance have had a clause in their terms and conditions, in regards to PH drivers working outside their area since 2014 (see below).

This means Uber drivers, waiting for a ping, sitting around Gatwick Airport, are uninsured. As are the Uber drivers working the Uber app in Oxford, Reading, Bristol, Southend, Brighton etc. Drivers are breaking the law by being uninsured as soon as they accept work from Uber (or in certain cases illegally Touting)  

This notice above was recently out out by St Albans City and Distric council. Steve Garelick of the GMB said 
"If St Albans can so this, then why can't other councils and the Police?"

It also works in reverse... PHV driver's licensed in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham etc, who come to London at the weekend to work in the capital, are also uninsured and breaking the law.

The legislation on cross border hiring is complicated and open to interpretation. See this article which explains the 2015 act in detail. ><

But the terms and conditions of the insurance companies is very clear. Accept a job and pick up passengers for hire and reward outside of your licensed area, and you are uninsured.

As I write this post, thousands of PH drivers are accepting work, picking up people outside their licensed area, driving their vehicles without any insurance cover.

See below, from page 11 sub (ii) of the Westminster Taxi, PHV, PSV terms and conditions:

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