Sunday, April 09, 2017

Anyone Who Thinks Govt Will Hold Osborne To Account Should Read This...

If you think Parliamentary inquiry is the way to go, think again!! 

Theresa May has defended George Osborne's growing number of jobs outside parliament

The Prime Minister's intervention came after a constituent wrote to his local paper demanding the former Chancellor resigns as an MP.

Don Briggs wrote to the Knutsford Times, the local paper for the Tatton constituency in the north west, outraged that Mr Osborne accepted the post of the Evening Standard in London.

He said: "As our new MP for Tatton, Mr Osborne chose a northern address far away from his constituents, in the hills above Macclesfield. 

"To justify his job with the Standard he said he is a Londoner.

"I felt deeply insulted to read Mr Osborne linking his name with that of C P Scott, the greatest journalist this nation has produced. 

"Scott was a moral force in world politics. Mr Osborne is seen by many as an ambitious, arrogant, power-hungry politician.

"What has Mr Osborne done for Knutsford? Or Tatton?

George Osborne jokes about his editor appointment in Parliament

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